Suzanne Smith

New Hampshire State Rep, Grafton 7, Democratic  

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  • Deb Goodwin Potter said

    Please support H.B. 1388, “Establishing a cause of action for farmers sustaining damage from the use of genetically modified seeds or plants” and HB 1172, “Relative to the labeling of genetically modified seeds.” Both of these bills are up for hearing in the New Hampshire House Environment and Agriculture committee on February 11, 2010.

    Combined, these two pieces of legislation offer farmers and consumers the protection they need to rest assured that if they choose not to grow genetically engineered crops, they can confidently purchase seed that has not been genetically engineered and the tools they need to protect themselves from the legal ramifications of cross-contamination.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    Deb Goodwin Potter

    HTH Nubians

    Hollow Tree Hill Farm

    230 Town House Rd

    Effingham, NH 03882-8524
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