Steve B. Montenegro

Arizona State Rep, 12th District, Republican  

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  • crystalstar48 said

    I am extremely embarrassed by this last week of legislation, yes many crazy bills were voted down (that should have never been allowed) but there were some that passed were quite embarrassing. SB 1047 and 1204 were quite self serving for some of your fellow members. I am one of those so called "thugs" and "goons" described by your peers. I am also an active voter, while in the past I have been a conservative voter I will no longer be. Why does it have to be your way or the highway. What happened to bi-partisan work that benefits many not just certain people? If you are a so called christian why are you not following the new testament beliefs of Christ to help your brothers in need? I truly believe you are more leaning to the old testament an eye for an eye. You probably wonder why young adults are leaving their church's in droves, they want to be apart of the solution, not a part of the problem. So I ask you what type of person are you? Do you want to invest in a successful but compassionate future, or a it's all about me, and my friends future? For the last 12 years all I have seen is a government that makes more and more laws and government that is more like big brother watching and less like the less government you promised.
  • Caroline said

    As your constituent, I'm sending you this email to request that you please vote against the TABOR bills before the Arizona Legislature. They will result in reductions in services people care about. They will hurt our Arizona economy by making it harder to attract businesses to our state.
    TABOR is a gimmick - we need solutions in this state, not gimmicks. Colorado is the only state to have a TABOR; it stalled economic recovery and hurt services for people. Why should Arizona try a failed strategy? Please oppose House bill 2707, Senate bills 1231 and 1408 and resolutions SCR 1019 and 1026.
    TABOR is a flawed idea that restricts our State Government's revenues and expenditures no matter what our future needs for schools, fire protection, the elderly, prisons and other important public services.

    Please vote against all TABOR bills before the Arizona Legislature. Thank You.
  • Elisa said

    SB1070 is opressive I'm horrified...............
  • mike said

    Did you actually sponsor this?: HB 2281....Wow,what the heck is going on in AZ? Time is needed for some serious introspection-- a real, real shame!
  • Randy said

    It is a sad day to be an Arizonan.

    I lost my job a year ago, going from highly compensated engineer to unemployed. I get back on my feet and look toward what the world needs, and energy is it, this much is clear.

    I retrain myself to become a renewable energy engineer and teacher in a community college, just started working a few weeks ago, and have full classes of unemployed construction workers all trying to get a new job in this new field of renewable energy (solar) like the rest of the world. Now this news is just beyond frustrating.

    The HB2701 passing is the most short-sighted and frightening act to happen in some time.

    New jobs are what are required, a rational approach to energy with a sustainable non-polluting source that REAL -renewable- energy can provide....

    The job of government, your job, is to look into the future and protect its citizens, HB2701 passing is not looking to the future, short term it is, and anything but rational. Clear and simple.

    What a bunch of nonsense! the rest of the world; Germany, China, Denmark, etc. is busy off creating new industry and new jobs (high paying), while we stick our heads in hot Arizona sand pretending that nuclear is renewable.

    Now we are telling SunTech, First Solar, Stirling Systems, Sol Focus, and all the other great new companies setting up shop here in Arizona that we do not care about renewable energy ?!?

    very sad day. I hope you find some way to repair this damage.
    read the news and weep:

    -Randy Dunton
    Phoenix Arizona
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