Scott Beason

Alabama State Senator, 17th District, Republican  

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  • dawn said

    Yes Victoria, I believe I Bcc'd Senator Beason on the email. And I actually don't see how I used his name "all over the internet" since his name never actually appears in the email. Oh, by the way, it's Senator Beason - not Mr. Beason. Your attempt to get the AEA and gambling cartel guy elected failed miserably - by 62%, I believe. The irony of that number must really sting! Thanks again for playing. Better luck next time.
  • Dale Brooks said

    Slade Blackwell suggested I contact you as a reference.....Does he have your support?
  • concerned citizen said

    Mr. Beason, this person is sending things out all over the internet and using your name

    ---------- Forwarded message ----------
    From: Dawn Barben
    Date: Sat, May 1, 2010 at 10:57 AM
    Subject: The Linker Files

    To Whom It May Concern:

    The following files are cursory research that I have done on Victoria Linker. Because it appears that she is trying to "Pearl Harbor" some of the candidates, very good people are not applying for an endorsement. I plan to send this out to local and national media on Monday morning. I respectfully ask that Independence Caucus, as well as any other groups that rely on their judgment for endorsement, investigate Victoria Linker's credentials, qualifications and background.

    I have Bcc'd all of the Alabama TEA Party leaders, as well as other interested organizations in Alabama.

    Dawn Barben

    Note: These attachments will expire in 30 days.

    2 file(s) attached (3.68 MB): View All

    1.14 MBView

  • Ernie said

    Your comments in today's paper were misleading at best. Hopefully, you know that any constitutional federal law trumps a state law. This is spelled out in your beloved 1901 constitution, if you look closely. Also, you know that this bill does NOT have federal bureaucrats mandating health care. Private carriers are the ones who will continue to monitor and arbitrate health care, just as they always have done. Inflammatory mistruths are not helpful. If you don't like the health care reform, please try and stick to the facts and not add to the misinformation that is already out there.
  • Pat Glass said

    Thank you Senator Beason, for your upcoming appearance and talk at Liberty House on January 15th, 2009. It is much appreciated.
  • S H Allen said

    In reference to today's new reports about taking funds from Cooper Green Hospital and the County Health Department, please rethink your position. The people who use these services are in dire need and should not be sacrificed to bail out the criminal deeds of those who caused the sewer debacle. Let us not here in AL follow the lead of those in D.C. who believe the workers should subsidize the likes of the parasites who have led our country down the path to, I fear, ruin. Please do consider other sources. Thank you for your time.
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