Rich Crandall

Arizona State Senator, 19th District, Republican  

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  • East of the Tracks said

    Why is the very conservative PacHyderm Coalition endorsing your opponent James Molina?
  • Roo said

    Obama has a degree from Harvard and Columbia... look where that's gotten us. I'll take a conservative common-sense candidate any day of the week. Educated politicians are the problem to our current crisis.
  • Fuller First said

    Cleaning house from top to bottom is the only answer.
  • AAA said

    Your educational background means nothing to me. Our current lot of high minded, educated politicians, have run our economy and state into the collective gutter. Take your degrees and leave. Go bankrupt your own household!
  • EVAM said

    Do we know Mr. Crandall's stance on the 3 billion tax increase that just passed?
  • Jordon said

    What is your stand on SB1070? I don't see much on the website relating to this topic. Thanks -
  • Rich said

    What's the big deal? I'm not the first Republican to help Democrats fundraise.
  • EastMesa LD19 said

    Rich Crandall, why were you involved in a fundraiser that raised $250,000 to support Liberals, Democrats, and known RINOs? Is it true you banked $30,000 off the fundraiser?

  • city of mesa utilities are not free said

    Would you consider digging a trench and tapping into your neighbors water line a crime? Ask James Molina's sons how they feel about this? Perhaps his son should not sit at the lunch table and tell kids about what he did over the weekend.
  • education is key said

    Mr. Crandall, I am pleased that someone with your educational background is running in District 19. Understanding economics and an MBA....or perhaps a college degree will come in handy in these trying economic times. Our state government needs someone who understands economic structure.
  • drummer55 said

    Mr. Crandall, I am one of your constituents in 19. I would like to know why you and some other candidates are putting your signs up before the law requires, and why they are being placed in areas that are off limits. It is very annoying for the rest of us law abiding citizens. Your prompt reply would be appreciated.
  • Anonymouse said

    I keep hearing this talk about Mr. Crandall missing over half the house votes last year. Why does he now want to run for the senate in LD19? Is this man a career politician? I know he owns a very large business that makes profit on the school lunch program. Is this why he wants to keep growing government?
  • jeffbrown1 said

    East Valley Tea Party Patriots has filed a petition to have Mesa Rep. Rich Crandall (R), a two term member of the House of Representatives, re-called. The Chairman cites Crandall’s large number of absences in casting votes as the reason. According to analysis by the Cronkite News service, last year Crandall missed 254 out of 384 votes. (missed 66% of the votes in 2009)
  • Sponsored bill SB1310
  • Sponsored bill SB1244
  • Sponsored bill SB1243
  • Sponsored bill SB1242
  • Sponsored bill HB2307
  • Sponsored bill HB2299
  • Sponsored bill HB2298
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