Paul Costa

Pennsylvania State Rep, 34th District, Democratic  

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  • cindy neeper said

    this is concerning the old house bill 494 about staffing numbers for nursing homes. i have been in contact with sen. conklin's office & they said you was reintroducing the bill again this year. i thank you. it is a very important one, it would be a great service to the residents. i work in a nursing and have for years. the ones that voted against it last time should try to talk to care nurses and nurses in their districts and hopefully that would change their minds. 8 patients a piece would be great and working with demitia patients makes the day go better, you can't rush a patient like that. and for the nurses 15 each would be great too, some like to do more then just pass meds which in some cases is a huge load. i bet if you could send out surveys to all the nurses and care nurses you would be amazed at the responses you would get. i thank you again for the time to read this, i hope it passes this time. thank you
  • Sponsored bill HR49
  • Sponsored bill HR21
  • Sponsored bill HB960
  • Sponsored bill HB494
  • Sponsored bill HB270
  • Sponsored bill HB73
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