Mike Milburn

Montana State Rep, 19th District, Republican  

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  • T. Younger said

    SB423 is the biggest farce I have yet to see come out of Montana. Such a knee jerk reaction and the lose of millions in revenue. May I refer you to a recent article at Mercola.com. Republicans will pay dearly for this move. And once again people will go through illeagal acts to get the "medication" that they so deserve and voted into law.
    By the way....drinking is not a right of passage!
    I'll be happy to sign any petition brought up against you and your ridiculous SB423. Game on.
  • Mark Schill said

    Mr. Milburn, I just watched a news clip of Rep. Alan Hale, 77th. District concerning his views on federal drunk driving laws. That man is an imbucile and a total embarrasment to the Republican party. I was appaled at his IGNORANT comments concerning such laws. He should be severely reprimanded and have his liquor liscense revoked immediately! One drunk driving death is too many. I was a volunteer fireman in Bath, Ohio for 15 years. I personally saw the damage that drinking and driving can cause. In too many cases, the drunk driver was taken to the hospital and released while the innocent victim was taken to the morgue. Was he drunk while making those comments? Thank God I don't live in Montana.
    Sincerely, Mark Schill
  • Kim said

    You need to focus your attention elsewhere. Leave medical marijuana alone. I could go on and on but the 2 biggest issues to me are:
    1. The voters of this fantastic state already made their decision on the issue.
    2. It would be inhumane to take the medicine away from patients. My husband has MS and is a patient; my best friend had pancreatic cancer and was a patient. Marijuana brought them relief that FDA pharmaceuticals never could. How dare you take that away???????????
  • Beth said

    Started a recall petition and already have close to 900 signatures of registered voters in his District who are ready for him to go. As soon as we have 15% it will be delivered to the election commission and the Secretary of State. Bye, bye Mikie!!
  • Shamus Orark said

    Mike Milburn is a prime example of an extremist Conservative who is more interested in fear mongering than in facts....Your actions are so petty it makes me sick. Do you think that these people using Cannabis will just stop, you are ignorant and setting up the state for a flood of arrests and drug convictions it can't afford. Thanks for Bankrupting the state rather than attempting to fix the problem. Go and have another drink and forget about the truth.
  • Sponsored bill HJ15
  • Sponsored bill HB623
  • Sponsored bill HB537
  • Sponsored bill HB426
  • Sponsored bill HB238
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