Mike Denham

Kentucky Representative  

Capitol Office
702 Capitol Ave, Annex Room 329G, Frankfort KY 40601

Phone: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 696

Home Address
306 Old Hill City Rd, Maysville KY 41056

Phone: (606) 759-5167
Fax: (888) 275-1182

Other Information
Counties: Bracken, Fleming, Mason

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  • Nell Scott said

    The state of Kentucky needs a stiffer penalty available for trespassing near peoples homes and barns. Farmers in Kentucky have no way to protect themselves from trespassers and hunters who wander around at leisure. There needs to be a higher fine for trespassing on peoples property. Perhaps two laws. One that keeps hunters out of peoples barns and homes and keeps them to the properties they are suppose to be hunting. Then a second law that prohibits entrance of trespassers into barns and other farm buildings. The fines for such behavior are way to low when you consider the value of the equipment and supplies farmers have stored in their barns and out buildings. Fines should deposit $2,000 or $3,000 dollars for the first offense.Trespassing with a fire arm should carry a $15,000 fine for first offense considering the consequences fire arms carry for the land owner if the hunter is trespassing and accidentally kills the land owner. Please consider sponsoring a bill that allows land owners in kentucky to protect themselves and their families.
  • Bill & Carol Dee said

    I live on State Rt. 1951. There is a real need for removing trees and ground cover from the section at the bottom of the hill about 1 mile from Rt. 1159. Not only has the roadside needed mowing but at this point cars must go over the line in order to miss the branches hanging over the road. We almost got struck by another vehicle last week.
  • nellie ellison said

    I support the Immigration Bill . There is legal way to become a US citizen and if some can abide by the law so can all. If you are here illegal than you are breaking the law . We have enough homeless people that are citizens we don't need illegal getting the help that should go to US citizens. They Drive with no insurance or licence if that was a US citizen we would be put in Jail but they get away with it and heven help you if they hit you. You have the expence not the illegal.
  • Sandra Myers said

    There is a woman with breast cancer who is undergoing chemo and radiation. We need to keep the
    radiation clinic in Maysville, Ky. going. There are
    many people in this area that need this facility.
    If this facility closes, where will these people have to travel?
  • Sponsored bill HR6
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR234
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR225
  • Sponsored bill HR214
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR208
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR202
  • Sponsored bill HR200
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR199
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR188
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR184
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR181
  • Sponsored bill HC185
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR176
  • Sponsored bill HR165
  • Sponsored bill HR156
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR151
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