Martin A. Sandoval

Illinois State Senator, 12th District, Democratic  

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  • Robert Delaney said

    Tomorrow you will be discussing The Illinois Dangerous Animals Act of 2012, Senate Bill SB3264.

    I strongly beg of you to oppose this measure. The current wording leaves a lot of unanswered questions and along the way on the face bans ownership of many small benign animals that currently enjoy the status of a beloved family pet. While it refers to an administrative order, no wording on that order has been offered.

    The excessive permitting fee and insurance requirement put forth will not only impact people owning a giant constrictor, but also citizens who own a small ball python or rosy boa. Good people who have found love and enjoyment in their animals may be faced with this choice of killing that animal simply because they are unable to provide the overzealous fees.

    The impact financially will be crippling. This will close many home-based entrepreneurial businesses that allow people the ability to make a living with something they love and still spend a great deal of time with their families. The reptile community financial spending spans a far greater market than the pet industry. It impacts a number of businesses from alternative caging suppliers such as Sterilite and Rubbermaid, local grocery segment for food as well as major shipping companies, bottled water companies, and even your local Wal Mart or Target. Not to mention Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards when people of the Reptile community venture to build their own caging.

    Legislation such as this is becoming very popular recently, but it's all based on lies, botched science, and the extreme thoughts of a limited number of individuals, not the real facts. This will devastate not only the reptile loving community, but a large portion of our struggling economy. Jobs will be lost, money will be lost, tax revenues will be lost, and thousands of animals will be without homes, or forced to be euthanized due to the passing of this bill into law.

    Please opposed this bill. There's not a reason for it, and it will destroy so many lives both financially and literally.
  • Susan said

    Yes, I, too, am hoping that SB 840 passes. I have baked for my local farmers' market for almost a decade, and now the fees and legal hoops are so prohibitive that it is almost impossible to continue unless this bill is approved. Please vote in support of this legislation. Thank you.
  • J. Whieldon said

    Mr. Sandovel,
    Please support the Illinois Local Food Entrepreneur and Cottage Food Operation Act (SB 840). This legislation removes prohibitively burdensome barriers to aspiring entrepreneurs producing non-potentially hazardous food and enables preparation in home kitchens for sale at farmers markets for Illinois. We need your support.
  • T. Partier said

    How about this novel idea, stop spending everyones money. Enough BS that it is for the schools. The schools have enough, they should stop spending too. I urge you to vote no on the proposed income tax increase. I will remember 4 years from now!
  • Co-Sponsored bill HJR0119
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB3721
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB0028
  • FEDUP said

    You do not represent your people well!!! YOU SUCK
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB2332
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB4623
  • Sponsored bill SR0806
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB6462
  • Sponsored bill SR0794
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2494
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5956
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5976
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB6206
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5120
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5321
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5459
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