Mack G. Shirley

Idaho State Rep, 34A, Republican  

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  • Alene Hall said

    Dear Representative Shirley, I am writing in regards to proposed budget cuts to Health and Welfare, especially services for devlopmentally delayed adults. I have a son who is DDA and attends Options in Rexburg. He receives many sevices there that have enabled him to become more independent, to communicate better with others, to enable his body to stay limber and mobile, he has his own peer group. It definately fills a great need that he has or will not be able to receive else where. Please do not let these services be done away with. These adults are not able to care for themselves and would be very detrimental to them, to have these services ended. Please, the great state of Idaho is only as good as the care it gives it handicapped and elderly. The defenseless. Sincerely, Alene Hall
  • Co-Sponsored bill HJM7
  • Co-Sponsored bill HJM2
  • Sponsored bill H251
  • Co-Sponsored bill H245
  • Co-Sponsored bill H223
  • Sponsored bill H211
  • Sponsored bill H57
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