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  • Jack said

    Dear Senator Crotty. I'm a retired Peace Officer with over 33 years. I was assign to special unit that covered all of Cook County, other county's and the City of Chicago ill. Our unit took many weapons off the street from many convicted felon's. By adding more Gun Control Laws, will not make it any safer. Criminal will always find weapons. Look at the UK. If you want to make schools safer,you need to read what Lt. Col Dave Grossman has been teaching Police Officers for years ABOUT SCHOOL SAFELY! Do some Research of what LT. COL. Grossman recommends. Please look into this. By making more gun control laws will not make our Children safer. The most Judges don't even use the gun laws already on the Books.
  • AL D. said

  • Stefnie said

    Dear Senator Crotty,
    I am a lawful gun owner in this state with a constitutional right to keep and bear arms who votes and keeps track of voting records.
    Illinois Senate Democrats advanced legislation late Wednesday to restrict semiautomatic weapons and high-capacity magazines, pressing forward with new gun control measures in the waning days of the session over the objections of firearms groups.
    The first proposal would ban the possession, delivery, sale and transfer of semiautomatic handguns and rifles. Gun groups say this kind of restriction would be so expansive as to affect most gun owners in the state. There are 1.5 million law-abiding firearm owners in Illinois. Of that 1.5 million, most own one or more firearms that would be banned under the knee-jerk proposals being floated post-Newton. About 75 percent of handguns and 50 percent of long guns in circulation today will be affected if these bills were to be implemented. This is in conflict with Second Amendment rights upheld by the courts. It is absolutely ridiculous and unconstitutional to pursue these types of measures. As for the second bill, introduced by Democratic state Sen. Dan Kotowski would limit ammunition magazines to 10 or fewer rounds. This is absolutely absurd. I am a grown woman and need less government in my life, not more! On Dec. 11, a federal appeals court struck down a state law that bars most people from carrying a loaded gun except in their home or place of business. Redundancy causes wasteful spending which Illinois can ill afford to waste!
    Enhanced restrictions will NOT prevent tragedies. Just look to Chicago...no guns = many, many crimes. What we should be asking ourselves is WHY these events are occurring? Why are people doing what they are doing? What can the COMMUNITIES, not government do to help their fellow man?
    Law-abiding citizens are just that – law-abiding. Criminals are NOT going to obey the law - that would be why they are criminals. I am a lawful gun owner in this state with a constitutional right to keep and bear arms who votes and keeps track of voting records. I urge you to not even allow these bills to gain traction. If they do I respectfully urge you to vote NO.
    Mrs. Stefnie Crites
  • Archie Hawley said

    Dear Senator Crotty,

    This email is in reference to the two bills currently being considered by the IL General Assembly: HB3970 & HB3972. The intent of these bills is to help eliminate distracted driving in Illinois.

    I have been an FCC licensed Amateur Radio Operator for 18 years. I have personally used my mobile Amateur Radio equipment to report many emergencies over the past 18 years (especially in the years preceding cell phones).

    I currently participate in SKYWARN which is a program that uses Amateur Radio Operators who have been trained by the National Weather Service for spotting and reporting severe weather. Having trained weather spotters in the field is essential to the National Weather Service in order to confirm what they are seeing on their radar. This aids them in issuing proper weather warnings to the public.

    I also participate in several other public service related organizations including: Will County Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES), Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society, and Illinois Radio League. This group’s works with the county in other events like walk-a-thon and bike-a-thons. Use our Amateur Radio to help other people would be compromised.

    While I agree with the intent of these pending bills, I feel that the language is vague and would make operating Amateur Radio equipment while mobile illegal. As stated in the Secretary of State's Amateur Radio License Plate brochure: "Each year, amateur radio operators in Illinois offer assistance to countless victims of accidents, disasters and other mishaps by providing a vital communications link to emergency services"

    Archie Hawley, N9ZMM

    I strongly urge you to work with your colleagues and add language to this pending legislation that exempts Amateur Radio Operators from these bills. If you would like more information on Amateur Radio, I would be happy to provide it to you.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Rick George said

    Dear Senator Crotty:

    The Illinois State budget has truly reached the crisis point and requires all of us to face reality and embrace needed belt tightening. However, the proposed budget includes the elimination of General Revenue Funding (GRF) for substance abuse treatment which will not save money. These proposed cuts harm the many Illinois families affected by addiction and they will ultimately result in an increase in State spending. I, therefore, urge you to reject the proposed cuts to substance abuse treatment funding by supporting House Resolution 106 (H.R. 106).

    Cuts to funding for substance abuse treatment appear to be a cost-saving measure for the State at first glance, they will have the opposite effect. Every dollar spent on treatment actually saves the State $14 on health care, criminal justice, and child welfare. In addition, the proposed funding cuts will cause the many Illinois residents employed by treatment providers to lose their jobs (many addicts denied access to treatment will also undoubtedly become unemployed). This job loss will further harm the Illinois economy and will increase the amounts the State pays in unemployment.

    Proposed cuts will also have a devastating human cost for Illinois residents. Thousands of Illinois residents who need treatment will no longer have access to it. This will negatively impact them, of course, but also their families, particularly the children who live with an addicted parent.

    For the economic and social good of all Illinois residents, substance abuse treatment should be available for all who can benefit from it. The proposed cuts to substance abuse treatment are short-sighted, and this portion of the budget should be rejected.


    Rick George, MSW
    Executive Director
    Gateway Foundation Lake Villa
    25480 W. Cedarcrest Lane
    Lake Villa, Illinois 60046
    847-356-8205 #3366
  • Tim Mayer said

    I am a union member and a lifelong democrat. The actions of the democratic party this week has caused me to reconsider my beliefs. It's not the party I was once proud of and I can no longer consider myself a member. It was sneaky and underhanded.
  • Rep. voter said

    Thank you and your democratic team members for raising our taxes. I can't wait to vote against you when the time comes. I wish you would take a minute and talk to our neighbors to the East (Indiana) to figure out how to cut cost and not raise taxes. Governor Mitch Daniels stated the other day, that Illinois is like having a dysfunctional family living next door, meaning it's like living next to the Simpsons.
    Once again thank you
  • Ptaylor said

    Dear Ms. Crotty,
    Please vote against the proposed income tax increase for the state of Illinois. This would add another burden on the already strapped citizens of this state. I have already had a decrease in hours and an across the board hold on all pay raises at my place of employment. Illinois needs to do the same for its elected officials before voting for an income tax hike. State employees need to have a cut in pensions and a hold placed on raises with no raises any greater than 3%. Please show some fiscal responsibility and tighten the belt before taxing Illinois citizens out of this state.
    Thank You.
  • Dee Krueger said

    Dear Senator,
    Need I remind you - you were elected by the people for the people. Yet, your NO vote on SB 2485 is a vote for BIG BUSINESS. Your NO vote handcuffs all of Illinois to higher energy prices.

    Illinois NEEDS jobs

    Illinois NEEDS clean energy

    Vote YES SB 2485!

    JOBS HERE!!!!! JOBS NOW!!!!


    Dee Krueger
    Registered Voter
  • Jim said

    Cook county lowered assessed valuations for all property owners because of the decline in housing markets.
    Most taxing districts lowered their tax rates. But no, not the state, they raised our equalization factor 13%, even though Cook county has the highest sales tax in the country. How is that equal taxation, when the other counties aren't paying the same Cook county taxes? They have to look at the whole picture. If they think we have it better than everyone else, why don't they move to Cook county. Please rollback the equalization factor to 2.97 these taxes are killing us. No wonder retires are moving out of IL.
  • JMH said

    Vote for a tax increase in Illinois. We need improvement in education.
  • Julie T said

    I oppose SB 3353 - internet referral nexus bill
    Please vote NO. This bill will severely affect my income.
  • anonymous said

    Please vote NO on House Bill HB 2405 coming up for vote this month. Thank you very much.
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