Linda Belcher

Kentucky State Rep, 49th District, Democratic  

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  • Karen Marie Jones said

    am so glad you are still in office you do such a good job. Thank you for all you have done.
    Merry Christmas

    In Iran I created a parliment, a senate, and a congress and we invited the dictator and made him a president. Can you call and invite a couple of the senators there to visit with you in peace. Tour of the USA. To them they see the map and it a state size only when you drive it do you realize no check points. We have made Netanyahu the Ambassador and Lieberman Secretary of State and cancelled the parliment in Israel they wanted to retire and made it Presidential and senate and congress and neutral with open gates to catalog all victims of refugee status. I need a really good postal system started and I think the main roads will fit standard from Israel to Russia again. With the ruble there it locks down a non fake currency like the Euro was becoming. There was nothing to standardize these things. Can we create consulate houses here in Louisville again and offices of each nation all around Louisville with meeting offices in Frankfort. Also can we begin 4 military academies similar to West Point especially a British one in honor of Elizabeth who my grandfathers half sister Emperor of Iran. He was Austrian, Japanese, Hungarian, French and Russia Royal not just Iranian. Grand Empress Farrah is a Thicket one of Empress Karen Romanov Thickets( what is a thicket ) daughters Onassis is there as well. Uncle Duke Exxon Onassis Thicket in all the movies claimed the title of Exxon Mobile. Very down to earth you would like I think nice friend to you as well. I do not enjoy being the Roman Incarnate Continental Empress France to Russia (Arkangel) and down to Iran with Eygptian links as well being House of Jrslm. I think if we created LEGO houses in 3 way combine form we can house the world with plastic reclaimed just from bottles. I think tan and white and brown to replace shantie houses with fold down bunks and potty formed in just link pipes. How expensive can it be Lego them together. I think replacing the fire traps and muliti stacked death traps due to earthquake with all sorts of plumbing nasty issues. Can we create here in Kentucky as well. I think also no flame cooking items as well with some sort of heating unit that wont melt. Can we create in Kentucky as well. Grate roads to stop flooding and ice falls through can we create as well. I am disabled for the next few years in Graduate program now at Sullivan University so Logistic and Distribution along with International Business Management.
    I am really interested in the military academy at the four corners of Kentucky. I have always been around military officers and balls and the elegance of international students here is fantastic. I think also Austrian, French, British, and German military training. My son plans to finish college and then go into military as commission officer using Kentucky schools. He works full time as well I am hearing a 19 year old plan his future. I think also since I was 4 years JROTC at Bullitt Central the discipline and elite training as we won the BFI in 1988 and the National Drill Team Competition in Florida that year as well. I believe for instance the cadet who advanced to West Point Michael Upton of graduating class 1989 would be a great example to expand and create an academy here in Kentucky. I had basic at 14 IDF, 15 MOS during the summers with combat and 16 with 9 weeks at 17. I being international trained. I think it better we expand our future for Kentucky and enclose the truth of the dignity of the people of this great state. I think Sgt Patrick Rishor who trained us who just lost his wife could also teach the basics there. I think my cousin Brigadier General Albert Riggle Jr would be a fantastic educator there as well. I think also active duty John Richard Farvour and Robert Hay would be fantastic additions. Frankfort, Owensboro, Pikeville, outside of Louisville with access to Fort Knox and Fort Campbell along with reserve stations. I know alone in our graduating class of JROTC at Bullitt Central and North Bullitt that there are hundreds of elite officers. I think this is an addition to our state that is a heritage point. I think we also need to sponsor military balls and community dances of old along with the consulate houses. We need this for Kentucky bringing the nations to us again with it being on the river along with river transportation.
    I also think we need to review our post offices and our mail being stolen and gone through. I know we have a thief at our locaiton and all the local. They have several people with huge piles of mail in the garage and also a fake me around trying to say they are me do to that Kill Karoon tv show I designed to see who my enemies were. We lost General Jackson Mersaw this week and possibly Budd Hewitt their horses Sugar, Buttercup, Bisquit, and Sherman came in covered in blood. Mersaw a British Officer and USA soldier was deceased and several days. General Dooglan Mccauley also they were in Afghanistan and buried in mud. I cannot believe Sugar brought him home with leg wrapped in stirrups. It was a land slide we watched on satellite. I am in grief and have cut my hair short when it grown again a new life reborn.

    Thank you for all you have done for Kentucky.

    Karen Marie Jones

    I copied to Mcconnel and Breshear
  • Karen Marie Jones said

    Mrs. Belcher to be quite honest the annex area that they want for new distribution centers may be why this area is federal and UN locked area with base reserved rights to view before anything can be done. This is because you have 15 old nuclear silo here in our area. There are some on Cedar Grove Road there are some on Beech Grove Road, and there are some along 61. Also back Walls Hollow Road is one set still with active why they usually have certain military or presidential families move on that street. They allow those areas to be farmed but not built on. It is the cost of one person who is a social security number digit only at the cost to protect the USA. I believe Gatlinburg has come in and approved or tried to purchase the land so they can create a hidden village. They may still be here as they were talking to each land owner individually. Thanks.

    Karen Marie Jones

    Merry Christmas
  • Karen Marie Jones said

    Hello Mrs.Belcher
    I was driving today and last night. I noticed a lot of dead wood on side of roads that the churches can cut for the elderly who use woodstoves. This way the county would not have to waste it. Also for single parents who need the wood. I had to have counted at least 150 big huge trees. Dead wood around town alone. Also the attack in Iran cannot happen about the water table being below the nuclear site. The pipes back into the homes are the old water roman system. If the USA launches an attack to take down the nuclear program in Iran millions could die. That is the only water table they have it is a desert nation. WE cannot commit a mortal attack with this knowledge. Also I was there when the elections with Mousavi elections against the President of Iran. Please type in Iranian elections Mousavi and watch the people also the marches in Eygpt we were there as well. You will see the streets we are repairing. A great site and I wonder can you put the UN Youtube site in all the schools so the children can advance to a review level. There is a juvenile UN site and then the high school version. God Bless.
  • Brenda Riggs said

    I voted for you even though I am a republican , my kids had Mr. Belcher at Brooks years ago. But this bill regarding the prescription for allergy drugs is
    just not right to people like me who have allergies
    I do not go to the doctor very often not sick just allergies and now I would have to go get allergy meds
    there must be a better way to deal with meth people
    if you take this away they will only find something
    else to hurt the innocent people. punishment should
    be harhser for these drug users. Brenda Riggs
  • Brenda Griffin said

    I have emailed you with my concern over motorcycle safety issues. As of date, I have not heard from you of your interest/disinterest. Kentucky law states that it is all right for a child to ride on the open highways on a motorcycle. I am asking that these laws be altered. It is not fair to ask a child to provide his/her own safety.

    Thank you,
    Brenda Griffin
  • Sponsored bill HR6
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR234
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR225
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR208
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR202
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR199
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR188
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR184
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR181
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR176
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR151
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB543
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB508
  • Sponsored bill HB506
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB480
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