Larry Haler

Washington State Rep, 8 Position 2, Republican  

  • Gender

    Wife: Jenifer.

    Richland, WA

    MBA, City University, 2001, Grade Point Average of 3.89
    BA, Liberal Arts, Pacific Lutheran University, 1974, Grade Point Average of 2.5.

    Program Manager, Fluor Hanford, Incorporated, 2005-present
    Senior Training Specialist, Fluor Hanford, Incorporated, 1996-2005
    Senior Training Specialist, Westinghouse Hanford, 1988-1996
    Senior Training Specialist, Rockwell Hanford Company, 1986-1988
    Senior Training Specialist, General Physics Corporation, 1985-1986
    Senior Engineer, United Nuclear Corporation, 1983-1986
    Manager of Certification Training, United Nuclear Corporation, 1982-1983
    Lead Reactor Operator Control Room Certification N-Reactor Trainer, United Nuclear Corporation, 1980-1982
    Certified Reactor Control Room Operator, United Nuclear Corporation, 1974-1982.

    Representative, Washington State House of Representatives, 2004-present
    Precinct Committee Officer, Benton County Republican Party, 1974-present
    Member, Richland City Council, 1990-2004
    Mayor, City of Richland, 1996-2000
    Mayor Pro Tempore, City of Richland, 1994-1996
    State Committeeman, Benton County Republican Party, 1986-1988
    Chair, Benton County Republican Party, 1976-1978.


    Congressional Membership
    Member, Toxic Toy Coalition Task Force, 2008
    Member, Democratic Governance Committee, 2004
    Council Liaison, Richland Planning Commission, 2004
    Chair, Central Business District Downtown Richland Revitalization Project, 1998-2002
    Liaison, Richland Economic Development Board, 1992-1994
    Chairman, Benton County Growth Management Policy Committee, 1991-1993.

    Board of Directors, Thrive by Five, 2006-present
    Member, Democratic Government, National League of Cities, 2004-present
    Member, Atomic City Kiwanis Club, 1988-present
    Board Member/Former Chair, Richland Lutheran Church Foundation, 1996-2004
    Member, Atomic City Kiwanis Club, 1989-2008
    Chair/Member, Public Finance Panel, National League of Cities, 2003, 2004
    Board of Directors/Member/Co-Chair, Eastern Washington Water Alliance, 2000-2004
    Advisory Council, National League of Cities, 2002-2004
    Chair, Hanford Communities, 1996-2004
    Board of Directors, Richland Lutheran Church Foundation, 1996-2004
    Board of Directors, National League of Cities, 2002
    Member, Board of Directors, Tri-City Industrial Development Council, 1998-2002
    Chair, Fluor Hanford Company, United Way, 2001
    Panel Member, Honorarium, University of Washington, Daniel J. Evens School of Government, 2001
    Co-Chair, Eastern Washington Water Summits I, II, and III, 2000-2001
    Volunteer-Instructor, Junior Achievement Middle-School, 2000-2001
    Chair/Advisory Council Liaison, Community and Economic Development Steering Committee, National League of Cities, 1996-2000
    Board of Directors, Tri-City Development and Economic Council, 1998-1999
    Member Board of Directors, Tri-City Community Action Council, 1994-1999
    Vice-Chair, Benton-Franklin Regional Council of Governments, 1994-1998
    Board of Directors, Shalom Ecumenical Council, 1996-1997
    President, Atomic City Kiwanis Club, 1994-1996
    Vice-Chair/Chair, Benton-Franklin Regional Board of Health, 1992-1996
    Board of Directors, Tri-Cities Science and Technology Park Association, 1991-1993
    Chair, Tri-Cities Legislative Council, 1992
    Liaison, Richland Ecology Commission, 1990-1992.

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