John W. Hines, Sr.

Mississippi State Rep, 50th District, Democratic  

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  • Tobias said

    Dear Mr Hines

    Even in Switzerland we read about your effort to fight overweight of American's population.
    This is indeed needed and I believe it to be a very good idea.

    I used to live a few months in the US and learnt a lot about this topic.
    It might be, that you are interested in the opinion of someone from out of the US.

    I believe the US economy and culture make it extremely difficult not to become fat.
    And it is not at all only the lack of sports...
    What I observed:

    - Americans don't like to walk. Wherever possible they take the car and in every place
    there are moving stairs and even with valet parking (which we don't know) people don't
    have to walk at all. In Switzerland people just walk more.

    - Food - the main trigger:
    1) Already the average products in supermarket they all contain way more sugar and fat
    than the same products in other countries. Be it bread, or sauce, or milk or whatever.
    Just an example: Sauce Bolognaise in a supermarket to be compared with the original receipt:
    There has to be no sugar in it. The whole food production in the US has to change completely.
    And gosh, there are about 5 different sorts of milk... and three of them contain about more
    fat than our fully-fat milk...
    US people just don't know how much fat and sugar they have in their average products!

    2) Fast food: Everywhere. Fast food is American Culture. Restaurant at highways are fast food,
    every street has several fast foods restaurants, people at home it fast food, and I was very much
    shocked when I learnt that they have fast food restaurants at school! That is sick and wrong!

    3) Education and lazyness: People do not only not take time to prepare their food and sauces with
    fresh ingredients, they just don't know how to do it. They don't get the education for it, e.g. in school.
    They furthermore seem to have no clue to know what is healty or not. Here in Switzerland we could not
    believe that children in the US sometimes eat Pizza for breakfast!! We here it bread and jam (with way less
    sugar), yoghurt or cereals or fruit.

    So more sport is one way, but please also "attack" food production, behaviour of people, production of facilities
    which make people lazy and culture and education...

    Good luck sir!

    Regards, Tobias
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