John M. Sullivan

Illinois State Senator, 47th District, Democratic  

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  • JayJay said

    I am a State Worker and am very disappointed in what the Governor is doing to our raises and pensions. I have done my part to help the State and it's deficit BUT I am still paying!!State workers are not the whole blame of this mess-HELP US NOW!!!Grocieries, gas, etc...STILL going up BUT NOT MY PAYCHECK!!!!!
  • usmc1926 said

    Senator Sullivan, do not let Mayor Rahm Imanuel dictate policy for all of Illinois
  • Shawn Volk said

    I am sick of everyone trying to put the budget deficite on the state workers. It was the dirty politicians who borrowed (stole) money from the pension fund and never paid it back, or they voted to skip the payments to instead give out more entitlements to people who are too lazy to work. Politicians broke it, now fix it! And don't do it by stealing my pension! How about cutting welfare? Quit letting illegals mooch off of my tax money. Whats wrong with you politicians? And leave my guns alone! Rahm Emmanuel needs to worry about Chicago & not my "legal" guns that harm no one. Criminals have & will always have guns. Get over it. Stop punishing law abiding citizens for what criminals do.
  • Concerned said

    Please don't allow smoking in bars again. Stand strong on this. Don't make non-smokers fight for clean air again. It is unbelievable that we would go backwards. My mother-in-law a non smoker, died this year from lung cancer. Second hand smoke is toxic. Please keep the law as it is.
  • simplyput said

    Its a voting year. I know our state has alot of problems but they r not getting better. I am a licensed daycare provider and I am outraged that I cant take state paid families cause the state is not paying providers. Parents are quitting their jobs because providers like myself cant afford to wait anymore. These families are now having to apply for medical cards and link card.These are parents willing and able to work but simply cant afford to pay the whole thing out of pocket.What are you goin to do about this?
  • annonymous said

    Another nursing home closes Astoria Gardens, Our seniors deserve better than this.Employees dont have a job now. The State should be ashamed of themselves.
  • frankfrank said

    who succeeds john sullivan?
  • STA Markley said

    Instead of voting to take State workers pension away why not start giving up some of your salary that you get. It wasn't just State workers that got ILLINOIS into this mess so it's time for everybody to start taking blame and helping to fix the problem. Leave the State workers pension alone.
  • melody burke said

    Please vote yes on senate bill 173. We need to down size to save taxpayer money. Cheaper for elections. It costs thousands to have elections. Road commisions would be hired thru county board. If they didnt do the job they can be replaced not wait 4 yrs for next election. ..Mel Burke
  • donmathis said

    I'm 66 - and not interested in getting on Social Security. The country doesn't have the money.

    So are you going to come and arrest me for putting a roof on for a lady older than me whose roof is currently leaking because now I don't know 70 answers to 75 questions (many of them trick questions)- 5 of which are about roofing? Is this what is now a crime?

    I'm sure you can, but how much sense does this make? How is this good for Illinois or the country? I know you are a man of good common sense. I know you, your brothers and nephew. I know this doesn't make sense to you. I hope you have the courage to do something about it.
  • donmathis said

    The Illinois Roofing license requirement is another barrier to a young guy who's willing to work getting into the trades. I started roofing 45 years ago and worked with your dad - now I have to get a roofing license to continue?

    I just took the test. The way the questions were worded the tester holds all the cards. An example of many of the vague questions: "Which of the following best describes the employer training program concerning the dangers of blood borne pathogens?"

    Your idea of which is best could be easily argued. Many of the questions were something like "NRCA recommends that you....?" This favors the union. I think you should remove this barrier from honest work. I have tried twice to email you but the email came back.

  • melody burke said

    Just read where you have said that know one tells you about not smoking in bars. I just want to voice my opinion. Let the bar owners decide if they want smoking or not. Repeal the smoking ban. sincerely , Melody Burke Rushville, il
  • Rose Hunter said

    Please get rid of the ROE's. They are inefficient and add too much money into administrative costs of education. DO NOT CONSOLIDATE districts! Kids spend too much time on busses. How can this be justified with the cost of fuel.
  • Steve said

    I thought you understood the valuse of this district but by signing in this state income tax increase proves that you don't. Show real guts and cut spending first we can elect anybody to raise taxes
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB0080
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5323
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5388
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2519
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB4987
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5712
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