John Kavanagh

Arizona State Rep, 8th District, Republican  

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  • Enid Seiden said

    Mr Kavanagh, I would appreciate if you'd start representing the people of your district and not your own personal biases! Human rights is an issue for ALL people... not just your personal choices
  • Lyn said

    Arizona, how could you elect this man? Immiagrants made this country, H2521 won't stop people who need supplements, and B17 or laetril is a cancer cure, check it out in Europe and Russia
  • clifton said

    if Arizona is to dumb to vote on medical marijuanna maybe they where really dumb to put you in office i am an adult AMMP i work hard and PAY MY TAXES that in turn pay YOU!! i am not to dumb to know what i VOTED 3 times tell ya what you stop acting like we are stupid and i wont do every thing in my power to see to it you dont get elected again ...
  • reason said

    I'm just sorry I don't live in your district so that I could campaign against you. When you finally have to atone for your actions I wonder what you will say and how you will justify them. From your bigoted disrespect for Balbir Singh to your anti-American, unpatriotic and Unconstitutional proposed House Bill, you are a poor American and an even poor little man.
  • Marie said

    I'm at ASU with an academic scholarship, I chose to stay in state because I thought it would be much cheaper than out of state, since I am planning on taking out loans for med school down the road. However, if HB 2675 does affect me, I will not be returning to ASU, and instead will be taking my money out of state, to an education system and government that appreciate my 4.0 GPA and medical aspirations.
  • Michelle L. said

    In regards to bill HB 2675, you seek to legislate increased hardships on the economically disadvantaged. Why would you want to do this? Is your hatred of minorities so severe that you would place more stumbling blocks in the way of their acquiring higher education? Because I'm quite sure that you are aware (maybe even happy) that a certain demographic (blacks, mexicans, and native americans) would be hardest hit were this bill to be signed into law. I was really looking forward to starting up and finishing my education at the University of Arizona this fall 2012. I do not know how I would come up with this $2000 arbitrary surcharge. Shame on you-I have a daughter who will be going to college here in 5 years...a son who will be going to college in 7 years, and a husband struggling to finish college while working full time, overtime, and coaching little league. I am crying while I type this because you are seeking to enact a bill into law that would crush so many dreams. We are, as compassionate human beings, supposed to do whatever is in our power to help make the lives of our sisters and brothers better...with one stroke of the pen, you try to cause so much financial burden, so much pain to your fellow man. A college education means so many more open doors for my family, and I have this vision of you looking down on my minority family saying, "not on my watch!", with a $2000 key in your hand locking the very first door we try to open. That door is to the Admissions Office. Once again, we have to Pray that God is with us while we put on armor to fight against the kind of evil that will continue to hinder progression of any kind. Especially if that progression helps the poor, brown, or ESL folks. No thanks for imparting your vision of the American Dream that comes only if first you hand over 2000 bucks.

    From a wife, mom, and hopefully in the fall...a student.
  • Carrie Burton said

    While I am no big fan of yours, I have to tell you that responding in any manner to Margaret Mayer on the Fred and Jed radio blog is insane. She is a Canadian with too much time on her hands and bored with Canadian politics, so has found a small and disturbed following on care2. Take a look at her profile.
  • David said

    John, you seem like an education man with mass experience ... than why are you making some short sighted decisions that will have a pround long term effect on not only Arizona but the everywhere else ... is this the legacy you want to leave with
  • Karl Harshman said

    We have to face facts that racism is very popular these days and John Kavanagh is just pandering to the masses for easy votes. His efforts are very poorly thought out and will cause many long term problems, but what does he care? As long as a bunch of ill-informed voters get excited, he has succeeded.
  • SICARIO said

  • Judy said

    I hope Arizona leads the way for America to get rid of illeals - even those born in this country. The taxpayers have spent more than enough money on them over the years. Good luck!
  • steve miller in Va said

    Interesting nasty comments from the left usual, bad english, nonsense, no real arguments. What you have not said, is that there is nothing in the Constitution that would permit one illegal action to be overcome by another action. Indeed, even as one tries to obtain a US birth certificate (done by States, not the Feds) the parents must show citizenship. This anchor baby nonsense is a political ploy to gain more votes for a group trying to purchase power rather than by agreement from an educated population.
  • Ken said

    GOOD GOOD GOOD, I live in Illinois and yes NO ANCHOR BABBIES I am so happy to hear that there are politicians actually listening to cries and screams of tax paying citizens to eliminate illegals stealing and taking advantage. Good man we need to do the same in Illinois. No illegal births!!
  • John Wick said

    PLEASE AZ invasion clock day xxx
    You need to shame the US to help you enforce the law. Start an official state AZ invasion clock. Day xx in xxx caught xxx deported xxx OTM xxx jobs taken xxx.
    Use camera footage to document the in's. Model airplanes with cameras flown by volunteers and gov't sources. Some TV spot showed a border radar, I'm sure they would loan a unit. Confirmed in xxx [backed by cameras] estimated in yyyy

    Use homeland security funds.

    John Wick PA
  • tony said

    I love the fact that you just called the 14th amendment the one for glad you represent me
  • Tony said

    You are nothing but RACIST DUMB republican JOHN KAVANAG, and yes I know I misspelled your word. Where did your ancestors come from??? This country could not operate if it was not for illegal immigrants and theid hard work they do everyday.
  • Bill R. said

    A proposed Arizona law would deny birth certificates to children born in the United States to illegal immigrant parents. About time! My italian Grand parents came here around 1895. They stood in line and got documented, received their stamp WOP (without papers) and worked hard to gain their citizenship and to become "LAW" abiding AMERICAN citizens that cherished "America". They came here and showed the country respect and learned English. They came here for it's values and what it could give you, not to change it. If people don't want to come here and respect the ways, laws, and English, then stay where you are. Don't come here and try to change our country to a lower level nation, that's what you are running from.
    Bill R. Michigan
  • Chicago John said

    Keep up the good work--You're doing what the Feds have refused to do for 30 years. No more American jobs to illegals.
  • Blanche Surrette said

    I just read your rediculas remarks about Mexicans
    This land belongs to American Indians and if you are not one you do not belong here.
    YOU are the illegal imerigrant not them

    Blanche Surrette
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