Jim Hughes (R) - District 16

Ohio Senator  

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  • JAMIE SCOTT said

    I am Jamie Scott (Aubrey Mendez mom) I have tried calling your office like you said and I cannot get thru, I can only leave message. Is there another way to reach you? My email is scottj@denison.edu and my phone number is (740)877-9072. Thank you for your time and help.
  • James Gray said

    Senator Hudges. I want to thank you for voting against SB5. It is inspiring to see a man of conviction who votes for the beleifs of his constiuants. Battalion Ch. Reall told me that you rode wiyh him today. That is awesome. If more of your colleagues did the same there would be no doubt as to who support. Thank you for all you do stay strong. You can count on my support in the future.
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