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  • Luke said

    Anyone with a problem with the fireworks should take it up kindly with their neighbors or else pursue city ordinances through their local city councils. You complainers forget that those of us who enjoy big fireworks have been the ones oppressed by state laws for many years, now. You all think that the entire state's laws should acquiesce to your personal needs.
  • Anthony said

    After enduring 32 days of war zone sounding fireworks that my neighbors let off consistently into the early hours of the morning, I find it disconcerting not only that such a thoughtless bill as HB22 could pass but at the number of inconsiderate, megalomaniacal people there are. Veterans with PTSD and those of us who would like a decent night's sleep aren't given a thought by the rednecks who insist on exploding things. Our elected representatives who voted for this bill should have looked at the costs -- not the piddly amount of revenue that a month's sales generate -- increased house fires will increase home insurance premiums for those in the area of the fires, injuries that went up because of the extended time fireworks were allowed increased (Law of Probability)so Medicaid costs, hospital write offs, etc. invariably increased, friction among neighbors takes toll on community relations and finally if you think second hand smoke is bad for health think of what we were exposed to: barium, dioxins, cadmium, lithium, antimony, rubidium, strontium and lead.
  • Becky Kanop said

    The fireworks provision is an absolute joke!!! I have listened to the kids in this neighborhood set off fireworks every single night starting July 3rd and as I am typing this they are setting them off at 3:55 p.m. in the afternoon in their back yard. I am so sick of listening to this. You obviously do not live in a neighborhood where there are kids living in the neighborhood that do not take other neighbors into consideration when doing fireworks and neither do their parents. I just called the Kaysville City police department and they told me they thought fireworks could be set of up to two weeks after the 24th of July. I just called the Utah State Fire Marshall and they said it was yesterday. This is ridiculous and I plan on complaining to the city and also the Davis County representatives and anyone else I can complain to. What were you thinking?????
  • Amy said

    The fireworks provision MUST be reviewed. My pets are all losing their minds and my children can't sleep. There is dry brush everywhere after a wet spring and hot summer - my neighborhood is a tinderbox. This legislation is misguided and causing no end of distress. Private citizens don't need to shoot fireworks 150 feet into the air. Repeal HB22.
  • annie said

    Today when I was at work, my neighbors decided to fire the "legal" fireworks into my yard. I came home to a broken out basement window, and my backdoor ripped apart. My dog had tried to get in the house. He lacerated his belly, ripped the skin to his penis. This for money..It sickens me..$1000 at the vets, and estimated $800 for repairs to my home. You people are in the midst of an evolutionary backslide in this state.
  • Roth said

    So apparently you aren't for the enviornment or for the people but just for monetary gain. These fireworks are horrid, the evening of the 4th I drove back into the valley and you could see and smell the pollution from the fireworks. The noise pollution was even worse and my dogs are probably going to be permanently stressed from the noise every night. The only benefit is to the Wyoming firework's companies. You are an idiot!
  • Blaster said

    Thanks for the month long of evening disturbance from noisy fireworks. I was all for better fire works but putting up with them now 9 straight days is a bit much.
  • Mark K. said

    So you are the dipstick that sponsored the extension of the fireworks bill, come live in my house as the dogs go crazy for a month straight now that you made legal the mortar cake aerials, I can only surmise you have family in the fireworks business and this bill was for personal gain, will do what ever it takes to get who ever it is that runs against you elected!
  • jimdunnigan said

    HB 333 updates the current law. The Insurance Dept issued a bulletin that said effective Jan 1, 2011 many of the value added services that agents provide to their clients would be prohibited. HB 333 provides guidance on what types of services are permitted. Without HB 333, it was the Ins Dept position that most services would be prohibited.
  • Darrin said

    H.B. 333~ Please help me understand why you are sponsoring this legislation. I am an agency manager for an insurance company. This simply seems to be an expansion of government and increase in cost of doing business the will ultimately will raise cost to the consumer.
  • steven said

    Jim,What can we do to stop insurance companies from using someones credit rating to set their premiums? With the recent economic events this is almost like piling on consumers. Can you help?
  • jts88 said

    What's the motivation behind HB015, HONESTLY? I'd like the whys, whats, and whens of it all please. Thanks in advance.
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB351
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  • Co-Sponsored bill HJR9
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB292
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  • Co-Sponsored bill SB105
  • Co-Sponsored bill HCR5
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