Jack F. Hennessy

Connecticut State Rep, 127th District, Democratic  

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  • David said

    Note the guy sitting in front of hennessy and lambert on facebook and the one behind them checking out baseball scores. And this folks is our government and why Americans are suffering and why that suffering won't stop for a long time to come. hennesy will be sitting back enjoying his benefits and pension not caring much about the harm he did to this nation.
  • David said

    you get
    $179,000 a year for 3 day a week of work. Your salary comes from hard working citizens making far less and working far longer and actually working. How dare you to take from us? How dare you? You will retire with full benefits and pension, whle we worry about health care and the future of Social Security. How dare you treat us with no regard?
  • David said

    Show this Nation how much you love it by stepping down, without benefits and pension. It is the only way you can prove yourself. You define the word 'disgrace.' You are what is wrong with this nation.
  • David said

    How you manage to hold your position in OUR government is can only be due to the stupidity of voters. I wonder how many American troops were killed while you sat and played solitaire. How does someone like you not consider suicide? I guess not having a consciencous helps. While this country is goes broke, you will retire with full pension and benefits. This is coming from a Democrate. You are a disgrace to this great nation.
  • Roger A said

    Im kinda thinking that what ever he was saying wasnt worth listening to. The Republicans need to get moving and work with the democrats to help fix America. George Bush did more to hurt this country than any other president has ever done. It will take a long time to fix all of his mistakes.
  • DAN said

    I guess this is the kind of thing George Bush and Dick(head)Cheney did to put our country back into DEBT. For the HARD WORKING UNION PEOPLE out there PLEASE RESIGN!!! OR to all the POLICE,FIREFIGHTERS,NURSES,TEACHERS and all the families in the Hartford area make his life Hell unless he DOES THE RIGHT THING, RESIGN...!!!! TO all who read this REPLY with a YA or na.
  • TW said

    Hey Jack
    How did you score?? No No not the money you scored from us..the solitaire you dummy!!!!
  • Concerned Citizen said

    You should be ashamed of yourself. And you represent the best interests of others? Highly doubtful.
  • ConnieK said

    Oh Jack! Saw your picture, Barbara too. I hope you are capable of multi-tasking. You know, thinking, listening at the same time. I somehow doubt it.
    Connie K
  • John K said

    Your an IDIOT! You need to step down from your job as it seems that you do not represent the interests of your constituants, you just represent your own. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Our country is in crises and all you can do is play games. Step down and let a real American represent your chair.
  • fleetman8 said

    It's a clear cut sign of an empire that is on a decline. More of these leaders we get, sooner we will loose world leadership.
  • Annie said

    Shame on you. Now do the right thing. Step down. You obviously have no interest in doing your job.
  • Fred Camphausen said

    The email with the picture showing you playing solitaire hit my computer just this morning - 6 February 2010. It had already been modified perhaps to cast the "elected officials" as being members of the U.S. Congress. By googling your name and those of the other officials I can positively identify this as being a photo taken during the Connecticut General Assembly. The recommendation to vote you and the others out next November does, however, appear to be a reasonable one.
    Fred Camphausen, Bishop, CA
  • dan luparello said

    Hey, Jack...did you win at solitaire? Pretty stupid, being caught playing solitaire while you're supposed to be legislating. If I was caught like that while in a business meeting, I would have been fired. How about you, you Sorry-A politician! Glad I moved out of Bridgeport years ago. Too bad i can't vote to get rid of you and the others like you.
    Dan Luparello, Sun City West, AZ
  • Disgusted voter in California said

    Shame on you Congressman and all others like you. How pathetic.
  • anonymous said

    I'ts not just democrats; it's both sides. Incompetence is rampant throughout our govt and is only getting worse. Disgusting...
  • anonymous said

    What else do you expect Democrats to do since they can't lead...
  • Rene & Carolyn DeHondt said

    That was a greaat picture of you and Rep. Barbara Lambert playing Solitaire during a House meeting.
    I'm sure thats what the gov. is paying you for. Keep up the good WORK Congressman.
    Rene & Carolyn DeHondt
    Shreveport, La.

  • Co-Sponsored bill SB451
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB810
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