Gordon Hendrick

Montana State Rep, 14th District, Republican  

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  • Harriet held said

    The upcoming session is going to address the MPERA and I as a peroson that is paying into it am appauled that there isn't something in place to keep those that are retiring from coming back and cheating the rest of us. When they come back to work they don't have to pay into the fund and neither dose the employer, OUCH. There is money that isn't being collected for the fund only a pay out. As far as I am concerned it should be like RR retirement, they can't go back to the previous profession unless it is self-employment, at least they are paying their share.
  • Sponsored bill HB481
  • Sponsored bill HB379
  • Sponsored bill HB256
  • Sponsored bill HB173
  • Sponsored bill HB78
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