Franklin, Bobby

Georgia State Rep, 43rd District, Republican  

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  • Ginnie said

    Don't send him back to Lookout Mtn. We don't want him here. He is an embarassment to the state.
  • tiredinDC said

    I would like to thank Rep. Franklin for voting "nay" on the recent HB 453 re: the approval of an airport authority here in Dawson County.

    Rep. Franklin, you were the only voice of the will of the people on this piece of insanity. If this issue is passed by the Georgia Legislature, a great injustice will be done to the residents of Dawson County. We have been deliberately shut out of this process by carpetbaggers, scalawags, crooks and liars in positions of public trust who swore an oath to protect all their constituents,but favor a privileged few, who don't care what harm they do to others as they leave a trail of corruption and underhanded practices.

    If this airport authority is empowered, they will wield that dreaded, terrible sword of "eminent domain" to take private property from hard working individuals. So much of our land is being gobbled up by unscrupulous "authorities" who claim it is for the greater good, but in reality, will make a few people wealthy and the rest of us poorer. What happened to the concept handed down to us by our founders that a man's home is his castle? all that we ask is to be allowed to live our lives in peace on our own land.
  • Sparky said

    Seriously...Go back to Lookout Mountain!!!!!! Please!!!
  • Elisabeth wishes she was not from Georgia said

    Do your part Rep. Franklin to reduce the state budget ~ resign. You are an embarrassment to the state of GA and a waste of taxpayers money. If you know the constitution so well ~ what happened to separation of Church and State? You are narcissistic in attempting to run the state government by your Bible...which may not be mine or others.
  • Rhonda from thankfully NOT Georgia! said

    I am absolutely OUTRAGED by this ridiculous bill being introduced regarding making it a capital crime when a woman miscarrys! I am a resident of ND, and I extremely fearful for the women of Georgia should this completely inappropriate bill pass!! You will lose the support of the women in your state and rightfully so. This is just another shameless example of the Republicans' ongoing attack against women and their reproductive rights! You should be ashamed of yourself truely, and if I was a citizen of Georgia, you would never get my vote!
  • Daniel J. McCormick said

    I know I just posted a comment but would now like to ask a question. On your Facebook page you have posted the following:

    Representative Franklin has been called "the conscience of the Republican Caucus" because he believes that civil government should return to its biblically and constitutionally defined role.

    Would you please explain the biblically defined role of government?

    Daniel J. McCormick
  • Daniel J. McCormick said

    I have read your suggested changes to Georgia Code via HB1. I disagree that the Supreme Court did not have jurisdiction to rule on Roe vs Wade. From what I have read, your suggestions are nothing more than an individual's attempt to impose your personal views on the citizens of Georgia. Although this bill is in Second Read, I would think it would be respectful to the women of the State of Georgia if you withdrew this bill immediately.

    Daniel J. McCormick
  • SmallGovtFan said

    For a party that claims to be for small government and fiscal conservatism, I guess all that doesn't matter if it means creating the Uterus Police. Ridiculous is about the kindest thing anyone could say about that.
  • Pete said

    People like you keep me from investing in or traveling to Georgia. Job well done!!!!
  • Jennifer Chambers said

    Hello just out of curiosity were you the only person that realized that HB 312 would shut down the mortgage industry???? I noticed you were the only one that voted No. It is a shame that one aspect of the bill was not changed, as a result only 1% of the mortgage loan originators in GA will even get a license approved. I wish more REP's had voted to amend the credit requirement. Loan Officers are paid on commission and because of 2009 worst year ever for mortgages a lot of loan officers will not be licensed because of their credit score and that is not fair. Also it is not fair that Banks are exempt from making their loan officers be licensed. Looks like the mortgage companies will be extinct in a few months! It will probably take 3 months to get a mortgage if you have to use a bank to get it done!
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