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777 West Lakeshore Dr., Colchester, VT 05446

Phone: (802)863-1067

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Dick Mazza's General Store, 777 West Lakeshore Dr., Colchester, VT 05446

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  • Donald Safford said

    To Representative Carolyn Partridge concerning Proposed Public Doctrine H.20 being heard today January 19th at 3:20 in the House Fish, WildLife and Water Resources:

    I am in receipt of your reply to Claire Tuite in regards to H20, The Public Trust Doctrine. I must say that I find your reply lacking in substance, especially in regards to the history of this doctrine as promoted by David Deen over twenty years ago.

    I testified at length in front of an overflowing crowd from The Islands in the well of the House concerning this issue. If fact, some ten percent of registered voters from The Islands attended that session and re-soundly condemned the effort of the state to take over private property and its attendant rights. The pressure was so intense that Governor Snelling personally, "pulled the plug" on the issue and it died a quick death. I should also note that advocacy for the Public Trust Doctrine bill at that time cost Jane Potvin her legislative seat.

    I noted in your response that you referred to the committee system as, "democracy at work". Sounds good, but I must ask why there was no publicity in the Champlain Islands? Why the short notice about the hearing? I don't think it is democracy at work, I think it is a power play by David Deen in the early portion of the legislative session to cram his pet doctrine down the throats of all lake shore property owners without a full hearing. Believe me, if the word got fully out the committee room in question would not be able to hold the upset Vermonters.

    I suggest that these hearings be postponed untlil the affected public can be informed of this state orchestrated land grab. You should also hold hearings throughout the state in all areas where lake shore property are affected.

    As I said my my testimony over twenty years ago, if the state wants my property, then they take it the old fashioned way and buy it, not steal it so David Dean can trespass in order to fatten his guide service objectives. What you are proposing is not democracy at work, it is theft of private property pure and simple.

    Donald B. Safford
    394 South St.
    South Hero, VT 05486
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