D. Stephen Holland

Mississippi Representative  


Capitol Office
104-BP. O. Box 1018 Jackson, MS 39215

Phone: (601)359-3320

Home Address
P. O. Box 2 , Plantersville PA 38862

Phone: (662)844-2004

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  • jpms said

    According to Sec 47-5-415 the sheriff is suppose to make the rules as far as home passes as such for the inmates on the joint county work program. Well as of 3 weeks ago Epps told them they had to stop all passes except for every 4 months. He is blackmailing them. He tells them that if they dont follow his wishes then he will remove or at least not send anymore inmates to them. Well most of these work programs have fairly new jails and couldnt pay for them with having state inmates. He also tells them that if they do as he says then he will send them additional inmates which mean money for that county. Like I said pure blackmail. These guys work very hard for the counties and all they are wanting to to spend some time with their families like they have in the past. Now they are getting basicly nothing for their hard work and good attitudes. How long you think it will be before their attitudes change and also the quality of their work changes? I dont think it will be long at all.
    Now my next thing is ....if these guys can be trusted enough to go home on passes why are they still being housed and fed by the state? It seems to me they are capable of making their own living without being a burden to our State.
  • cindy56 said

    You have the greatest sense of humor, do not stop, we need someone fearless in our state.
  • Dennis said

    Have you lost your ever loving mind? Do you really think you have NOTHING better to do with the time that your consituents sent you to DC to work for them? Get off your crazy butt and FOCUS on something that is important. I love MS but you make it look really stupid.
  • Lisa said

    Why are you pulling a Komen? Gulf of America is a great idea!!
  • Lewis said

    BASICALLY... Are you f***ing nuts?
    My grown children can't find jobs, my family is hanging on by a thread.
    And you want to WASTE money renaming "something" just off of some counties, NO NOT the Whole Gulf...
    Spend your time in Texas stopping the illegals from getting across the border and gettin food stamps WHICH MY TAXES PAY FOR.
    Impeach yourself!!!!!!!!!
  • ron p said

    Mr Holland, you don't think that we have enough on ourt plates now trying to fix the economy?Really, do we need to spend all this money to change to name of the Gulf of Mexico? Come on, get with thew program. Put for legislation thst will do some good.
  • orgeron said

    I appreciate the compliment Mr. Holland stated during a public hearing he hosted on Channel 7 news about Pine Belt Mental Health being a great service provider in Mississippi. It is great to hear something positive and an appreciation for what Mental Healthcare Providers do for the people in our communities.
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