Bob Wagner

Montana State Rep, 71st District, Republican  

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  • stread said

    Love u Bob! Thanks for all your great votes! Wish u were still in Jefferson County. I'd definitely vote for u!
  • Farmer Girl said

    I find it very funny how the United States is such a mess and we still have believers in Obama, and scoff at people like Bob. Bob is a business man that supports free enterprise. Also by looking at the success of his business I would assume he pays more taxes than most of you. Could it be that half of you bloggers are on the take? Just a thought! And by the way for those of you who just don't get that media is cut according to what they want to push, please open your eyes. Especially you so called Republicans who have posted below. Ignorance is not a virtue, he got the damn done in the Ruby Valley and P.S.- he is a farmer.
  • Bozemanite said

    Mike Comstock and Bob Wagner are peas in a pod. What a nightmare it would have been to have two of them.
  • Born in Montana said

    How's that Obama birth certificate issue working for you?
  • Joe said

    Silly man. You have no idea what you are talking about.
  • Sick of MT GOP said

    Just caught your performance on AC360 via youTube. "Sir" (as you so condescendingly addressed Mr. Copper), do not for one minute believe you speak for the state of Montana or any of its citizens other than yourself and the handful of people who were duped into voting for you. Your "birther" bill is an embarrassment to this the integrity of the vast majority of thoughtful and ernest Montanas: an utter and complete waste of time especially considering the myriad list of important issues you were elected to address on behalf of your (now disappointed) constituents. Thought your stunt was (or will be) forgotten? Not likely - expect this episode to be the sad testimony to your performance as a legislator that you will have to defend if you have the temerity to seek another term.
  • Cliff said

    There have been 20 comments so far and all but one against Rep. Wagner. But he didn't elect himself. We had a similar challenge in Gallatin County when Mike Comstock ran for the senate. Luckily we weren't fooled, so he's back to pushing his agenda in letters to the editor instead of the state legislature. Please be careful who you vote for. It matters!
  • Shawn in Missoula (Republican) said

    Bob, you are an embarrassment to the people in this great state of Montana! You need to get your facts strait before you try to represent the people that elected you to do so. Thank God that I am not one of the people that elected you. You sounded like a true moron in front of millions of people, perhaps you should resign and let a smarter 5th grader take your spot.
  • kb said

    Bob, you in no way, shape or form speak for me and my beliefs in this great state.
  • MadCountyMama said

    I support you Bob!!! As for the comments below, it is sad how folks have strayed from common sense and decency.
  • scotter said

    As a resident of Madison County, I am completely embarrassed with Bob Wagner. His CNN interview is so telling that he is a complete fool and the Birther Bill is a waste of time. He has made other mistakes too, like losing funding to fix Ruby Reservoir that our Ranchers need to support agriculture in our valley. I would like to post my honest feelings but I will not post profanity. What a loser and disappointment.
  • Cliff said

    I'd like to hear from the voters in Madison County who elected Rep. Wagner. Does his thinking reflect the views of his constituents? Is he working on the issues you want him to?
  • 6genMT said

    Wagner is wasting valuable time, taxes, and oxygen in Helena. Crawl back in your hole, bigot.
  • rod said

    I just watched you on AC360. You are an embarrassment to this state.
  • banzai said

    You DO NOT speak for me, as a Montanan, with your self-imposed diatribe about Birther requirements - You should resign if you are going to play God/
  • Ron from Bozeman said

    Your ridiculous Birther rants on Anderson Cooper are an embarassment to the people of Montana.
  • John Smith said


    I just listened with disbelief to your inane, bigoted, ramblings on CNN. Your “arguments” about Barack Obama not being eligible to be President of the USA are incredible. I had thought, surely no one in US elected office can really be this idiotic or this uninformed yet you rose to the occasion and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are such morons and that their prince resides in the ranks of the Montana State Representatives.
    I wager that the other residents of Montana are busting with pride at your performance and the warm glow your intellect brings to that fine state.

    Here’s a suggestion on a topic for you to legislate; no one with an IQ less than their hat size should hold elected office in Montana. Pass
  • Robert said

    You don't deserve the repect to be called "Mr".
    What I have in mind to call you would not be respectful to the other posters.
    If you are a "freshman" representative, enjoy it because you will not win re-election.
    I've seen Anderson interview some real idiots, however you top the list. You are an embarassment to the people of Montana. I hope to see an upcoming "recall".

  • Dan said

    i agree with all these people, no wonder our country is so screwed up!!!!!
  • Erin said

    Dear Mr. Wagner:

    I am writing to express my utter disgust and embarrassment at viewing your interview on Anderson Cooper's show tonight. Not only were your arguments incoherent and and senseless, your repetitive use of the phrase "we in Montana" offended me. You certainly do not represent my thoughts on this matter. Frankly, I was utterly embarrassed to be a Montanan after being wrongly included in your discourse. Do not try to include me in your ignorant babbling. I certainly understand the 14th Amendment and what it means to be an American citizen. In addition, if you are going to quote philosophy, you had better understand what you are discussing.

    Missoula County
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