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  • Becky said

    Thank you for standing up for virtue. Thank you for putting the health of our children and society first. Abstinence is the best way to avoid unwanted pregnancy, STDs and a whole lot of other problems. I don't understand why the simple truth is so hard for so many to accept. I applaud your efforts and hope you will continue to represent the people of Utah and not just the loud, angry few. I believe there are many people that when they take time to understand the issues and the real consequences they will join you in doing what is best for Utah.

    Schools are not the sole source of information. There are plenty of resources if children refuse to wait. I don't believe we need to water down the safest answer to staying safe.
  • Rich said

    Wow Bill, judging from the comments on your site it looks like you represent most peoples feelings (NOT!)

    Why don't you quit pushing your own agenda and represent the people who voted you in ( A principle lost on utah right wing dogmatic representatives)

    The sooner you're put out to pasture... the better!!!
  • Bill said

    Thank heavens for a Governor who AFTER an outcry from the majority of his constituency stands up to your craziness and veto’s your insanity.

    Thanks but no thanks for your condescension in thinking only you know how best to raise my children. I guess your thought process leads you to believe we shouldn’t talk to our kids about drugs either. If we ignore it, it will just go away right? Sorry, the ostrich principle has passed us by.

    I am of the predominate faith and you DO NOT speak for me. You and the RIGHT WING TEA BAGS that make up the Utah Legislature can go bury your own heads in the sand but don’t think for a minute you know or should legislate what is best for me. I thought you ultra-right wing tea baggers were all about LESS government, not MORE. Stay out of my life (Government!) as much as possible and things will be better all around.

    Please stick to dairy farming because my kids love milk. I respect the hard work farmers do but have no respect for Tea Baggers or Liberals e who try and run our lives according to their radical beliefs on both ends of the spectrum. Please, STAY out of MY LIFE.
  • Will Pitkin said

    Mr. Wright, you seem in your comments about gays to be saying, "You're a queer. That's all I need to know about you." Please consider that your church membership includes thousands of young people who are same-sex attracted, self loathing, completely celibate, and suicidal. Please educate yourself so that you'll be able to call upon your Christian compassion to help them through a rough patch.
  • Echo said

    As an advocate of abstinence I understand the importance of teaching it in schools. As a public health graduate student I've seen countless examples of how health education can be used to improve population health outcomes. Look at the 100% condom program in Thailand for example. Although focused on a different population, widespread education was able to decrease the incidence of HIV/AIDS in a high risk group by more than 80% over a ten year period. The main component of this program's success was the acknolwedgement by political leaders that "abstinence is ok for some, but what are we going to do for the rest?"

    Please, re-think this bill. What are we going to do for the rest in Utah?
  • Christopher Stevenson said

    After hearing your comments on the radio this morning, I'm shocked. Assuming a teenager will accept "wait-'til-you're-married-to-discuss-this" as an answer to genuine questions about sex is beyond naive; it's absurd. You're out of touch, Mr. Wright. May God forgive you if this becomes law.
  • Bill Wright said

    Only reason he's proposing this bill is because of his wife. Yuck, if her parents would have practiced abstinence then Bill won't have to be stuck with her! Don't cast your problems onto everyone else, now go get me a glass of milk, u old bastard!
  • Michael Kearns said

    Always thought you were reasonable... altheimers setting in early... what a bonehead bill... more teenage pregnancy...
  • gabrielle said

    You're an idiot, Bill. Go back to your backwater town and please just shut up if you're not in church.

    EVERY SINGLE STATE with abstinence only education has the HIGHEST teen pregnancy rate.

    Do you even research ANYTHING before you open your mouth?
  • Paul said

    I saw you on channel 2 news this evening and heard your dumb comment about Planned Parenthood promoting promiscuity. Wow, you are dumber than a box of rocks, either that or you live in some kind of Mormon fantasy land. WAKE UP!!! Most teens are going to be sexually active to some extent and the only thing that will protect them is knowledge. The best way to get that knowledge is at home, but lets be serious, most kids don't get the information they need at home. The best alternative is good sex education at school and the efforts of Planned Parenthood. So please pull your head out of your behind and re-think HB-363
  • crystal said

    I grew up in Utah, but no longer live there. I am very thankful my current state has an excellent sex ed class. I know talking to teenagers what a difference it has made and that there are far less STD's, pregnancies, and promiscuity because of it. We ALL would rather our children wait until they are adults. But you HAVE to be realistic, and prepared. Would you as a parent rather your son or daughter come to you BEFORE and get put (against your belief maybe) on birth control/given condoms or would you rather they just not talk about it and come to you with "I'm pregnant." or "I got someone pregnant."? Either way they did something you're not happy with, but the latter involves a young girl having to go through something she shouldn't have to face at that age. Having a solid Sex Education course does not mean that you condone teenagers engaging in sex. You are providing them with important information should something happen. Leaving them without this important information is like not putting the possible side effects on a medicine label.
    You're not preventing sex from happening by taking sex education way (or making it "abstinence only.") What you're doing is upping the stakes of STDs, unplanned pregnancies, not talked about rapes, and secret abortions. Tell me what sense that makes.
  • T.J. Arnoldsen said

    No on HB363 please. We need to move forward in this state, not backward. Our children NEED this information available to them. Please, let's not shut anymore doors.
  • Shelley Howard said

    Sir you're doing your constituency a dis-service with this amendment Pls rethink
  • gabrielle said

    Please keep your 19th century cowboy bollocks back in the 19th century. If you cannot be in today's world, please stay in Backwater, Utah. The world doesn't need any more repressive sexist patriarchal nonsense.
  • Tony R. said

    A common sense solution to a real problem. When both extremes hate you, you must be right. keep it up Mr. Wright!
  • sharon Barron said

    Thank you Rep. Wright for having a GREAT IDEA ! ! ! Wish someone in our state were as smart as you!
  • Cache said

    Are you just plane stupid or are you an out and out Benedict Arnold...Bill Wrong ..."The Representative That Destroyed The Nation"
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