Betty Carol Graham

Alabama State Rep, 81st District, Democratic  

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  • thehatchet said

    Please vote against any bill that allows more gambling of any kind in Alabama. There is so much going on now that is terrible for our state. We don't want to make money off the poorest of the people, or waste money building fancy casinos to lure more of the criminal element. Even with Victory Land, I've known of families breaking up because of gambling addiction, some lost their homes and children turned to drugs. It's a vicious cycle, with few winners. It enlarges the welfare rolls,and usually it's the mother's seeking to hold things together alone. Gov. Riley has it right this time and he needs to be listened to. We need to call our people (state) back to God for and with prayer for decency. I'm praying that you will do the RIGHT thing for Alabama!
    Juanita Rogers
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB366
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB714
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB446
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB451
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