Betsy Hannig

Illinois Representative  

98th District

Capitol Office
Senator 98th District
239-E Stratton Office Building
Springfield, IL 62706

Phone: (217) 782-8071

Home Address
218 S. Macoupin Street
P.O. Box 8
Gillespie, IL62033

Phone: (217) 839-2859
Fax: (217) 839-2663

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  • Sponsored bill HR1333
  • Sponsored bill HR1287
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB3702
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB3695
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2798
  • Sponsored bill HR1118
  • Larry Kraus said

    SB 1381 allows patients reasonable access to medical marijuana

    I have been living with constant pain since 2002. I was forced to retire and go on disability i don't know if medical marijuana would help me but if it would i would start right now. it being illegal is a problem but if you were in pain every day like i am you would do anything to just stop the pain. i can no longer do the things that made me ME. i loved golf softball really any sport and now i can't sweep the floor without crying. so please if this would help me please please pass it so i could just try to stop the pain even for 10 minutes. that would be like heaven even 10 minutes. thank you for any help you can offer me. Larry Kraus

    S.B. 1381, a compassionate medical marijuana bill, is currently awaiting a vote in the House. It would give seriously ill patients reasonable – but not unfettered – access to marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation. Fourteen other states already have medical marijuana laws on the books, and this bill would make Illinois’s one of the most tightly drafted laws in the country.

    In fact, the number of marijuana plants patients would be allowed to possess under S.B. 1381 is only three mature plants, which according to the DEA’s own estimates would yield one ounce per month. This is far less than some other states like Washington, which allows patients to have what it determined to be a 60 day supply -- 24 ounces and 15 plants. It’s also less than the federal government gives the three surviving patients of the federal medical marijuana program (which is also about 8 ounces per month). Patients who choose not to grow their own medicine will be able to purchase it from a licensed compassion center, controlled and strictly regulated by the state.

    In other words, there is no reason to believe that S.B. 1381 would create a situation in which patients have “too much” marijuana, like some law-enforcement opponents have argued. S.B. 1381 is a tightly restricted measure that deserves the support of responsible, compassionate legislators. I hope you will vote “yes” when the time comes.
  • Co-Sponsored bill HR0858
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB6368
  • Co-Sponsored bill SJR0087
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB3264
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB4987
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB4587
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB6241
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5696
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5765
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB6132
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5193
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB4817
  • Co-Sponsored bill HB5322
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