B. Patrick Bauer

Indiana State Rep, 6th District, Democratic  

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  • gary a isterling said

    dear patrick bauer
    i met you at a luncheon sponsored by local 62,it was very nice speaking with you.i noticed a bill about unemployed people urged to take a drug test.there is a larger problem that includes,welfare,food stamps and rental home vouchers.i have seen people at the grocery store selling their food stamps for cash,the rental vouchers let people who qualify to sub-let their rental home out to others for cash,there is a good chance the monies obtained are for other purposes,drugs alcohol and just beating the system that was set-up to help people who really need help.lets test these people also for mis-using the system.it is costing the indiana taxpayers hundreds of thousands dollars each month,there is away to stop this fraud,happening every day.please take alook at how this must be eating up tax-dollars..gary isterling
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