Antonio Munoz

Illinois Senator  

1st District

Capitol Office
123 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706

Phone: (217) 782-9415

Home Address
1836 West 35th St. 1st Floor
Chicago, IL60609

Phone: (773) 869-9050
Fax: (773) 869-9046

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  • Ephrain silva said

    Dear Senator Munoz:

    I am a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, and I am writing to tell you that UIC is in trouble and needs your help. Despite greater demand than ever to enter this fine university, and despite increasing tuition revenues, UIC is in danger of going under and I hope that you can help.

    The State of Illinois owes the University of Illinois over $400 million, without which the system cannot continue to operate for more than a few months. I am writing to urge you to use all your influence, today, to force the release of these funds. Unless you and other officials act now, the flagship institutions of Illinois public education will be severely damaged, and perhaps beyond repair. Here are some of the facts:

    The unpaid bills to the U of I represent a crucial portion of its operating budget. As a result, furlough days have been instituted, a hiring freeze is in place, administrative staff have received terminal contracts, and successful programs are being eliminated. Far more draconian cuts are being considered. These cuts will mean fewer course offerings and larger class sizes. Meanwhile, tuition will almost certainly be raised substantially, meaning that our students will pay more and receive less. This kind of dismantling threatens our status as a world class university system, and will make it virtually impossible to attract top faculty and students in the future. Moreover, the things that are being dismantled are unlikely to ever be rebuilt. Many of these changes will be permanent, and we will witness a dramatic decline in the reputation of our public university system.

    UIC is an urban public institution that serves, first and foremost, the people of Chicago and the state of Illinois. Many of our students are the first in their families to go to college. Many are first or second generation immigrants. It is a diverse, vibrant population that has traditionally been under-served in the 4-year university system, and we offer them a first rate education. Our alumni are significant assets to our communities, using their degrees to create jobs and improve our economy. Every dollar we put into their education will be multiplied in what they return to us down the road. However, our ability to continue to offer this ladder of opportunity depends wholly on receiving the money we have been promised by the state.

    Please--act now, and force this state to live up to its financial obligations, before it is too late.


    Ephrain Silva
    US Army Veteran Operation Desert Storm
  • Co-Sponsored bill HJR0107
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2944
  • Sponsored bill SB2751
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2592
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2838
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2857
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2826
  • Sponsored bill SB2720
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2860
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2136
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2137
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2195
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2218
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2235
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2288
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2290
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2372
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2382
  • Co-Sponsored bill SB2383
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