crystalstar48 said about Jerry Weiers Arizona State Rep, 12th District, Republican

I am extremely embarrassed by this last week of legislation, yes many crazy bills were voted down (that should have never been allowed) but there were some that passed were quite embarrassing. SB 1047 and 1204 were quite self serving for some of your fellow members. I am one of those so called "thugs" and "goons" described by your peers. I am also an active voter, while in the past I have been a conservative voter I will no longer be. Why does it have to be your way or the highway. What happened to bi-partisan work that benefits many not just certain people? If you are a so called christian why are you not following the new testament beliefs of Christ to help your brothers in need? I truly believe you are more leaning to the old testament an eye for an eye. You probably wonder why young adults are leaving their church's in droves, they want to be apart of the solution, not a part of the problem. So I ask you what type of person are you? Do you want to invest in a successful but compassionate future, or a it's all about me, and my friends future? For the last 12 years all I have seen is a government that makes more and more laws and government that is more like big brother watching and less like the less government you promised.

Comment made by crystalstar48 about Jerry Weiers Arizona State Rep, 12th District, Republican