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Business Practices-Automobile Sales  

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  • 08/19/2009
  • Senate - Passed To Be Enacted - Emergency -2/3 Elected Required In Concurrence
  • Senate - Committee On Bills In The Second Reading Reports No Further Verbal Amendments Necessary Senator Damon, Senate Chair. Report Accepted. Read A Second Time And Passed To Be Engrossed Ordered Sent Down Forthwith For Concurrence
  • House - Under Suspension Of The Rules And Without Reference To A Committee, The Bill Was Read Twice And Passed To Be Engrossed.In Concurrence. Ordered Sent Forthwith.
  • House - Passed To Be Enacted.This Being An Emergency Measure, A Two-thirds Vote Of All The Members Elected To The House Being Necessary, A Total Was Taken.Roll Call No. 237(yeas 146 - Nays 0 - Absent 5 - Excused 0)Sent For Concurrence. Ordered Sent Forthwith.
  • Senate - Under Suspension Of The Rules, Read Once Without Reference To A Committee Assigned For Second Reading Next Legislative Day
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