SP570 - Maine

Health Care Records-Transfer  

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  • 08/19/2009
  • House - Passed To Be Enacted. Sent For Concurrence. Ordered Sent Forthwith.
  • Senate - Under Suspension Of The Rules Passed To Be Enacted - Emergency -2/3 Elected Required In Concurrence
  • Senate - Under Suspension Of The Rules Reported By Senator Brannigan For The Committee On Health And Human Services Pursuant To Joint Order S.p. 568 Report Read And Accepted Read Once Under Suspension Of The Rules, Read A Second Time Passed To Be Engrossed Ordered Sent Down Forthwith For Concurrence
  • House - Report Was Read And Accepted.The Bill Was Read Once.Under Suspension Of The Rules, The Bill Was Given Its Second Reading Without Reference To The Committee On Bills In The Second Reading.The Bill Was Passed To Be Engrossed.In Concurrence. Ordered Sent Forthwith.
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