SB0555 - Indiana

Mental Health, Weapons  

  • Sale of firearms to mentally ill persons. Requires the division of state court administration to establish and administer an electronic system for: (1) receiving information that relates to certain individuals who may be prohibited from possessing a firearm; and (2) transmitting this information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation for inclusion in the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). Provides that, if a court makes an adjudication or a finding concerning a person's mental health that may disqualify the person from possessing a firearm, the court shall transmit certain information concerning the finding or adjudication to the division of state court administration for transmittal to NICS. Establishes a procedure by which a person who has been released from commitment or who has completed treatment may have the person's disqualification to possess a firearm removed. Makes other changes and conforming amendments.
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