HT04781 - Massachusetts


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  • 06/22/2010
  • Referred to the Special House Committee on Rules
  • Reported from the committee on Joint Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight
  • Accompanied by H5, H10, H14, H15, H95, H1113, H1118, H1119, H1139, H1157, H2955, H2957, H2958, H2960, H2963, H2965, H2966, H2967, H2970, H2973, H2974, H2976, H2978, H2981, H2982, H2983, H2984, H2985, H2989, H2990, H2992, H2993, H2996, H2998, H3000, H3001, H3002, H3003, H3009, H3011, H3013, H3015, H3016, H3017, H3018, H3019, H3020, H3023, H3024, H3026, H3036, H3037, H3039, H3040, H3041, H3042, H3044, H3045, H3049, H3050, H3052, H3054, H3492, H3493, H3495, H3496, H3497, H3498, H3499, H3500, H3501, H3502, H3503, H3505, H3506, H3508, H3509, H3510, H3615, H3619, H3620, H3621, H3695, H3760, H3761, H3835, H3836, H3839, H3852, H3971, H3973, H3974, H3975, H3976, H3977, H3978, H3979, H3980, H3981, and H4426
  • Order reported favorably by committee and referred to the Joint Committee on Rules
  • Discharged to the House Committee On Rules
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