HB6878 - Illinois

Appropriation, Commission, General Assembly, Revenue  


    Amends the State Budget Law of the Civil Administrative Code of Illinois. Requires the Governor to prepare quarterly budget statements and to present periodic budget addresses to the General Assembly. Provides that appropriations may be adjusted during the fiscal year by means of one or more supplemental appropriation bills if any State agency either fails to meet or exceeds certain goals. Provides that, prior to the submission of the State budget, the Governor and each constitutional officer, in consultation with the appropriation committees of the General Assembly, shall set certain statewide priorities and goals for the next fiscal year. Provides that the Governor shall recommend that appropriations be made to State agencies based on those agreed upon priorities and goals. Provides that appropriations committees must review individual line item expenditures and the total budget for each Department. Amends the Governor's Office of Management and Budget Act and the Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability Act to provide that the Commission's revenue estimates must be prepared with any requested consultation from the Governor's Office of Management and Budget. Effective immediately.

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