HP1051 by Thomas R. Watson: House - On Motion Of Representative Tardy Of Newport, The House Reconsidered Its Action Whereby The Bill Was Passed To Be Engrossed.On Further Motion Of The Same Representative, House Amendment "a" (h-578) Was Read.On Motion Of Representative Watson Of Bath House Amendment "a" (h-578) Was Indefinitely Postponed.Roll Call No. 233(yeas 87 - Nays 58 - Absent 6 - Excused 0)Subsequently, The Bill Was Passed To Be Engrossed.Passed To Be Enacted.Roll Call No. 234(yeas 84 - Nays 61 - Absent 6 - Excused 0)Sent For Concurrence. Ordered Sent Forthwith.

HP1051 - Maine

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