SP423 by Barry J. Hobbins: Senate - Under Suspension Of The Rules On Motion By Senator Diamond Of Cumberland Placed On The Special Appropriations Table Pending Enactment - Emergency -2/3 Elected Required In Concurrence

SP423 - Maine

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Sponsored by: Barry J. Hobbins

Co-Sponsored by: Charles B. Kruger, Charles R. Priest, Cynthia A. Dill, David R. Hastings III, Dawn Hill, Diane Russell, Elizabeth H. Mitchell, Emily Ann Cain, Hannah M. Pingree, Jarrod S. Crockett, Joan M. Nass, John F. Piotti, Justin L. Alfond, Lawrence Bliss, Lisa T. Marrach, Margaret R. Rotundo, Mark E. Bryant, Michael G. Beaulieu, Richard C. Cleary, Sara R. Stevens, Seth A. Berry, Wayne T. Mitchell