HP567 by Stacey Allen Fitts: House - Speaker Laid Before The HouseOn Motion Of Representative Fitts Of Pittsfield, Under Suspension Of The Rules, The House Reconsidered Adoption Of Committee Amendment "a" (h-389).On Further Motion Of The Same Representative, House Amendment "a" (h-450) To Committee Amendment "a" (h-389) Was Read And Adopted.Committee Amendment "a" (h-389) As Amended By House Amendment "a" (h-450) Thereto Adopted. Bill Was Passed To Be Engrossed As Amended By Committee Amendment "a" (h-389) As Amended By House Amendment "a" (h-450) Thereto Sent For Concurrence. Ordered Sent Forthwith.

HP567 - Maine

Gambling-Games Of Chance

Sponsored by: Stacey Allen Fitts

Co-Sponsored by: Carol Weston, H. David Cotta, H. Sawin Millett, Jr., Herbert E. Clark, Michael A. Shaw, Roger L. Sherman, Sheryl J. Briggs, Stephen P. Hanley, Wright H. Pinkham, Sr.