Suzanne Chun Oakland

Hawaii State Senator, 13th District, Democratic  

  • Gender

    Husband: Michael; 3 Children: Mailene, Christopher, Lauren.

    Honolulu, HI

    BA, Communications/Psychology, University of Hawaii, 1983.

    Research Assistant and Office Manager, City Council Member Gary Gill, 1987-1990
    Administrative Assistant, Au's Plumbing and Metal Works, 1979-1990
    Administrative Assistant, Smolenski and Woodell, Attorneys at Law, 1984-1986
    Community Services Specialist, Hawaii State Senate, 1984.

    Senator, Hawaii State Senate, 1996-present
    Representative, Hawaii House of Representatives, 1990-1996.


    Congressional Membership
    Member, Child Support Enforcement System Executive Steering Committee, 2003-present
    Member, Hawaii Dyson Initiative Advisory Committee, 2003-present
    State Advisory Board Member, Women's Legislative Network, National Conference of State Legislatures, 2001-present
    Non-Voting Member, State Department of Health Advisory Committee, 2000-present
    Member, Assistive Technology Resource Center of Hawaii Community Task Force, 1995-present
    Convenor, Elder Abuse and Neglect Task Force, 1995-present
    Member/Co-Convenor of the Keiki Caucus, 1991-present
    Member, Women's Caucus, 1991-present
    Member, Joint House Senate Ice and Drug Abatement Task Force, 2003-2004
    Member, Legislature's Universal Health Care Task Force, 2003-2004
    Member, Annual Meeting Hawaii Host Committee, Council on State Governments - West, 2002
    Member, Hawaii Self Sufficiency Advisory Committee, 2002
    Member, Deptartment of Health's Neurotrauma Task Force, 2001-2002
    Member, Senate Felix Task Force Group, 2001-2002
    Member, Small Business Caucus, 1993-1997
    Steering Committee, Hawaii Summit 2011 Project, 1996
    Member, Blueprint for Change Task Force, Child Protective Services, 1994-1996
    Chair, Budget Committee, Women's Caucus, 1991-1992.

    Member, Co-Occurring Policy Academy, 2004-present
    Member, Economic and Financial Literacy Coalition, 2004-present
    Member, Hawaii Council on Economic Education Board, 2004-present
    Member, Pediatric Council of Hawaii, 2004-present
    Member, Aikane O' Nuuanu , 2003-present
    Honorary Member, Board, Hawaii Family Support Institute, 2003-present
    Executive Board, Kawananakoa Middle School Parent, Teacher, Student Association, 2003-present
    State Director, Women Legislators' Lobby, 2003-present
    Advisory Board, Bayanihan Clinic Without Walls, 2002-present
    Member, Farrington High School Community Based Management, 2002-present
    Board of Directors, Honolulu Community Action Program, 2002-present
    Board of Trustee, Goodwill Industries, 2001-present
    Member, Organization of Women Leaders, 2001-present
    Board of Directors, Susannah Wesley Community Center, 1994-1999, 2001-present
    Board of Trustees, Winners at Work, 2000-present
    Member, Coalition for the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in Hawaii, 1999 to present
    Member, Hawaii Intergenerational Network Advisory Board, 1999-present
    Member, United States-China Peoples Friendship Association of Honolulu, 1999-present
    Board of Directors, Breakthroughs For Youth At Risk, 1998-present
    Board of Advisors, Habitat for Humanity, 1998-present
    Member, Hawaii Women's Legal Foundation, 1997-present
    Co-Convenor, Child Protection Roundtable, 1996-present
    Member, Good Beginnings Alliance, 1996-present
    Member, Hawaii Kids Count Council, 1994-present
    Member, Kalihi-Palama Culture and Arts Society, 1994-present
    Board of Directors, Liliha-Palama Business Association, 1994-present
    Member, Volunteer Legal Services Hawaii, 1994-present
    Advisory Council, Children's Trust Fund, 1993-present
    Member, Hawaii Early Intervention Coordinating Council, 1993-present
    Board of Directors, Hawaii Housing Development Corporation, 1993-present
    Member, Sex Abuse Treatment Center Advisory Board, 1993-present
    Member, The CHOW Project Committee, 1992-present
    Member, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, 1991-present
    Member, Chung Wah Chung Kung Hui, 1991-present
    Member, Hawaii Chinese Civic Association, 1991-present
    Member, Lanakila Multi-Purpose Senior Center's Participant Advisory Board, 1991-present
    Member, Honolulu Neighborhood Housing Services Board of Directors, 1986-1988, 1989-present
    Board of Directors, McKinley High School Foundation and McKinley Alumni Association, 1989-present
    Member, Hawaii State Youth Volunteer Board, 1978-present
    Member, Aloha Peace House, 2003-2004
    Honolulu Division Advisory Committee, The Casey Family Program, 1994-2004
    Board of Directors, Providing Awareness Referrals Education Nurturing Therapy Support, 1999-2002
    Advisory Committee, Hawaii Arthritis Control Program, 2000 to 2001
    Member, Lanakila School School Community Based Management, 1993-1995, 2000-2001
    Board of Directors, Association for Retarded Citizens, 1998 to 2001
    Board of Directors, Young Women's Christian Association, 1994-2000
    Co-Convenor, Health Quest Roundtable, 1995-1999
    Member, Ma'ema'e School School Community Based Management, 1994-1998
    Board of Directors, Hawaii Community Education Association, 1984-1998
    Board of Directors, Hawaii Community Services Council, 1993-1997
    Board of Directors, Catholic Immigration Center, 1991-1997
    Member, Hawaii Chinese Jaycees, 1991-1997
    Member, Hawaii Democratic Movement, Board of Directors, 1991-1997
    Member, Young Democrats of Hawaii, 1991-1997
    Member, Grow For It Program, 1996
    Member, Strengthening Hawaii Families Program, Coalition for a Drug-Free Hawaii, 1996
    Member, Hawaii Early Childhood Alliance, 1995-1996
    Member, Early Childhood Education and Care Coordinating Council, 1992-1996
    Member, Families Together Initiative Core Team, 1993-1995
    Member, West Honolulu Public Health Nursing Section Advisory Committee, 1992-1995
    Member, Hawaii Even Start Family Literacy Program Council, 1993-1994
    President, Honolulu Neighborhood Housing Services Board of Directors, 1987-1988, 1992-1993, 1993-1994
    Member, Early Childhood System Cost/Implementation Advisory Committee, 1992-1994
    Member, Native Hawaiian Legal Corporation Auction Committee, 1992-1994
    Advisory Board, Teen Line, 1993
    Member, Hawaii Correctional Association, 1992
    Member, Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition, 1992
    Precinct President, Hawaii Democratic Party, 1990
    Member, McKinley's Parent, Teacher and Student Association, 1990
    Chairperson/Member, Liliha/Kapalama Neighborhood Board, 1984-1990
    President of the Kalihi-Palama Service Area Board on Mental Health and Substance Abuse, 1985-1989
    President, Hawaii State Youth Volunteer Board.

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