Luther Olsen

Wisconsin Senator  

Capitol Office
Room 22 South, State Capitol, P.O. Box 7882, Madison, WI 53707-7882

Phone: (608) 266-0751
Fax: (608) 267-4350

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  • Bob Meincke said

    Sen. Olsen, you have our support, don't let Union mentality back you down. Wisconsin should be a right to work State, not a "you MUST" join a Union to work for the State, State. Should the recall go thru, you have our votes
  • Republican said

    There are a lot of us out here that support you and Governor Walker!!! Don't back down, and don't give in!!! We all need to do our share to fix the budget...including the teachers!!!
  • Jeremy said

    Keep up the good work, Sen. Olsen. Stop the greedy, money hungry liberals!
  • Mark Honey said

    Sen. Olsen, Stop this embarasment to the proud people of Wis. now! Tell the koch bros. that even if they have bought and paid for our Gov.,the people of Wis. can not be bought.
    Stand up and be counted with the working men and women. The real taxpayers of this state.
    Vote no on the Budget Repair!!!
  • Holly Fortier said

    Senator Olsen, please break with the power-grabbing conservative machine and really consider the far-reaching, devastating long term results of Walker's budget repair bill. Cut medical aide for the elderly and disabled? Do away with recycling? Vastly increase the ability of a despotic governor to micromanage perks for private industrial campaign contributors? Surely your sense of fairness, your integrity, your basic humanity will stop you from bringing these things to pass! Do you want the ruination of Wisconsin on your conscience? Job creation--hah! No one in their right minds will want to move to Wisconsin
  • Helen said

    Senator Olsen I would hope you listen to the people of Wisconsin and urge your GOP Senators to take out the sentence about collective bargaining.The union and the public have given Walker the money he claimed to need to balance the budget.Why has he not come out and publicly told every one about this.Why has he not also told the public about his giving tax cuts which is what caused the deficit and need to make more cuts. He did this to himself and I think we all know why!!! Please stand with the people of Wisconsin and take out this one sentence from the bill,Public employees around the country know they can not ask for more weather it be county or city.Think about it!!!
  • anonymous said

    This guy should be TARRED & FEATHERED, and then put before a FIRING SQUAD!
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