John L. Martin

Maine State Rep, 1st District, Democratic  

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    Eagle Lake, ME

    Attended, Graduate Work Political Science, University of Maine at Orono
    BA, History/Government, University of Maine - Orono, 1963.

    Assistant Professor, Political Science and Government, University of Maine - Fort Kent.

    Representative, Maine State House of Representatives, 2008-2008
    Assistant Majority Leader, Maine State Senate, 2008
    Senator, Maine State Senate, 1998-2008
    Speaker of the House, Maine State House, 1975-1994
    Representative, Maine State House, 1964-1994
    House Minority Floor Leader, Maine State House, 1971-1974.

    Congressional Membership
    Appropriations and Financial Affairs, present
    Health and Human Services Committee, present
    Joint Select Committee on Joint Rules, present
    Chair, Natural Resources Committee, present
    Chair, Senate Standing Committee on Engrossed Bills, present
    Chair, Senate Standing Committee on Senate Rules, present
    Chair, State Democratic Leaders Association, 1990-present
    Treasurer, Eagle Lake Water and Sewer District, 1980-present
    New England Caucus of State Legislatures, 1978-present
    Aroostook County Democratic Committee, 1964-present
    President, National Conference of State Legislatures, 1990-1991
    Chair, Task Force on Reapportionment, 1987-1988
    Vice Chair, Budget, Fiscal & Rules Committee, National Conference of State Legislatures, 1986-1987
    Chair, State-Federal Assembly, National Conference of State Legislatures, 1985-1986
    President, State Legislative Leaders Foundation, 1979-1982
    Democratic Convention Platform Committee, 1964-1975
    Chair, Land Use Regulation Commission, 1970-1972
    Chair, Intergovernmental Relations Commission, 1969
    Board of the Foundation for State Legislatures
    Democratic National Committee
    Vice Chair, Regional Executive Committee of the Democratic State Legislative Leaders Association.

    American Academy of Political Science, 1980-present
    New England Political Science Association, 1980-present
    President, Ambulance Services, Inc., 1974-present
    Treasurer, Northern Maine General Hospital, 1965-present
    State Legislative Leaders Foundation, 1976-1994
    Trustee, Eastern Maine Healthcare, 1991
    Chair, Maine Legislative Council, 1978, 1989-1990
    President, Maine Young Democrats, 1964-1969
    Saint Mary's Church Parish Advisory.

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