SF1302 - Minnesota

Foreclosure provisions modified.  

  • 3E Relating to real property; modifying grounds for tenant right to possession under certain conditions; specifying vendor recording and filing requirements for contracts for deed; specifying application of foreclosure prevention counseling toward certain types of foreclosures; modifying the process of providing certain notice of opportunity for counseling information by the foreclosing party; modifying the definition of authorized foreclosure prevention counseling agency; clarifying that certain required foreclosure data apply to properties with a certain number of family dwelling units; specifying requisite of notice content requirements for owner-occupied, single family dwellings; specifying application of foreclosure advice notice to owners and tenants toward certain types of foreclosures; modifying the foreclosure procedure of a sheriff by requiring the party conducting the foreclosure to serve notice of the postponement by first class mail on the occupant at the expense of the party requesting the postponement; modifying certain procurement opportunities for parties desiring to perpetuate the evidence of certain sales (me)
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