HB714 - Alabama

Crimes and Offenses  

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  • Lori said

    I am totally in support of this bill..my son has LWOP,was sentenced at a very young age, had the worst public defenders, and deserves to be given a second chance. Those that oppose the bill are clueless. They obvious do not know anything about trials and juries, nor must they have a loved one in prison that was not given a fair trial.
  • FirenzeVeritas said

    Please be advised that Rep. Tammy Irons states she does not support this bill and was not one of its sponsors. She has indicated the mix-up may be in her support of HB714 in 2008.
  • anonymous said

    Dear anonymous, evidentally you know nothing about trials and jurys. Not everything that happens in court is honest. Just because they have been tried by a jury and supposedly found guilty means they actually committed the crime. There are many people who need a second chance.

    Many of the citizens in Alabama are clueless if they have not seen, first hand, how the court / prosecution / attorney / public defenders, etc. work during a trial.
  • anonymous said

    It would be a tragedy if people who have been tried by a jury and found guilty of murder are released. These criminals have been found guilty of murder by a jury of citizens and are serving Life Without Parole sentences. Let's keep it that way. Keep Alabama safe, and vote against this bill.
  • Theresa Collins said

    My friend has served 28 years in prison because his buddy killed two people and my friend wasn't even present at the time, however his buddy said he was under his influence and was told to commit the crime. So he was convicted life without parole for a crime he was not even present at.
  • Kris Manigone said

    So many teens are serving LWOP Sentences. They were at the scene of a crime, where one actually committed the crime, but all went to prison and rec'd Life Without Parole/or Death Row. Most were first time offenders. It was after the juvenile crime bill passed that so many were tried as adults. They absolutely need a second chance.
  • Sherry Swiney said

    This is a good bill and we whole heartedly support it. So many people who are in prison for the certain charges of capital murder listed in the bill are first time offenders. Former Wardens like Charles Jones and Stephen Bullard have stated that these are the people who will never commit another crime and are safe to be released from prison. They are considered by many as the "cream of the crop" who made a serious and terrible mistake and will never hurt another soul as long as they live. Thank you for presenting this bill. www.patrickcrusade.org
  • Read for the first time and referred to the House of Representatives committee on Judiciary
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