HB1616 - Indiana

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  • anonymous said

    We dont need more government or regulation. Leave everyone alone. Mopeds should be treated like a bicycle as long as the rider carries an ID card and follows courtesy on the road. Drivers on the road need to learn to share the road with slower vehicles and pedestrians. Also, the land was "God given" and God does not give right for government and society to make decisions for all people. Regulation is a tool of social control. That is not freedom. Freedom is accountability, not regulation. The United States is too regulated. Definately not the free country that it could be.
  • David said

    So what happens if, when attempting to register a motorized bicycle, proof of financial responsibility is required but no insurance company will write such coverage unless the owner has a valid driver's license? Doesn't that negate the provision that a satate ID is acceptable? Will the bill mandsate that insurance companies provide coverage to individuals, like me, who are vision impaired and can't meet the 20/40 vision test for a driver's license or for individuals who have suspended licences but need transportation to get to work? What is your suggestion for alternative transportation in communities without public transportation or taxi service? Does this law make individuals too infirm to pedal a bicycle permantly homebound or totally dependant on others to transport them?
  • 01/18/2009
  • Authored by Representative M. Smith
  • Coauthored by Representative Tincher
  • First reading: referred to Committee on Interstate and International Cooperation
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