HB 3282 - Texas

Relating to cottage food production operations.  

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  • Crystal said

    I can see both good and bad coming from this. I try to look at things from both pov's. From the bakery business side I can see that this could hurt them in sells. However perhaps it would make them be more fair in their prices. Someone said that home's aren't as clean, I can agree to an extent. However, how many bakery kitchen's are filthy but clean up just in time for the health inspector? I keep my home clean. My family's health is more inportant to me than anything else. I will continue to make foods in my home for others no matter the outcome, it would just be nice to be able to sell it as well.
  • 11/25/2009
  • Richele said

    I support this bill and who wouldn't! Why should every skilled baker be forced to spend thousands of dollars on commercial equipment when it is their hobby and they only sell a few cakes a month from their home. People are doing it regardless of it being legal or illegal, at least the bill will regulate residential kitchens, provide safe food handling instruction and our states can collect appropriate taxes. I think it's a win - win situation!
  • anonymous said

    The bill required the health department to make rules which would protect the public's health and ensure a safe food supply. It also required that the cottage food production operators label their food as "home produced" and sell only directly to individuals. If homemade cakes and cookies don't sound palatable to you, then don't buy them. Please don't presume to guess what the cottage food production operators are "hoping for". We are "hoping for" the opportunity to have a legal, safe, registered business in our homes, just like people in Ohio, North Carolina, Utah, Oregon, Massachusetts, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.
  • anonymous said

    I can see problems if this bill passes. The State health dept doesn't have enough inspectors to do the job now, no way they can do these inspections too. Perhaps that is what cottage food production operators are hoping for...no regulation. Doesn't sound too palatable baking breads, cookies, etc with the family dog or cat shedding hair in the kitchen.
  • anonymous said

    I decorate beautiful cookies, and everyone says I should go in to business selling them. I was dismayed to learn that that selling my cookies is illegal! I hope this bill passes.
  • anonymous said

    I support this as someone who decorates cakes for friends and families and would like to open my own shop one day. With the economy the way it is that is currently impossible. This would allow me to do what I love and get paid for it in the mean time.
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  • anonymous said

    its about time texas had a law like this. dan gattis is the peoples hero.
  • Concerned Texan said

    To the person who so vehemently opposes this bill: Can you provide any proof that cottage food laws in other states have made a negative impact on the existing baking industries there? Can you further provide proof that in these states with cottage food laws that the public health has been threatened in any way? I'm hoping that your opposition is stemming from some rock solid evidence that supports some of your pretty outrageous (and somewhat overly dramatic) claims.
    You seem fueled more by emotion than anything else. Perhaps you are afraid of competition? If so, you may be living in the wrong state - and the wrong country for that matter.
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  • anonymous said

    This is a ridiculous bill. What about the families in the baking industry now? Should we take their houses away too so we can provide them to others? I know a baker with a cool car, we can take that too! This bill will slowly kill the industry that inspired these hobbyists in the first place. What benefit will this bill provide? Government money spent so a few can make a couple of bucks? The only thing standing in the way of anyone starting a bakery now is not legislation, it is hard work. Protecting the public is not ridiculous. Starting a legitimate bakery is not illegal. It is illegal to threaten the lives of the general public by selling food with no standard.
  • anonymous said

    This bill is especially important to Texas in this terrible economy. It would help families make ends meet, and mothers could do it at home without putting their kids in daycare. I pray it passes.
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  • anonymous said

    This is a AWSOME Bill! We really need this to pass. It is ridiculous that it is currently ILLEGAL to sell cakes and non-potentially hazardous baked goods from your home. There are similar laws that have been passed in 12 other states, If it isn't killing people there it won't here. lol
    Thank You Dan Gattis for presenting this bill.
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