HB 1321 - Florida

Claims/General Bill, General Bill  

  • Mobile Home Park Tenancies: Requires park owners to give tenants right of first refusal to purchase individual parcels within park under certain conditions; removes limitation on amount of proceeds from excise taxes on documents which may be deposited into State Housing Trust Fund on or after specified date; extends minimum length of advance notice that must be given by park owner to tenant before evicting tenant due to change in land use of underlying park property; revises payment amounts mobile home owners are entitled to from Florida Mobile Home Relocation Corporation under certain circumstances; increases amounts mobile home owners abandoning their mobile homes may collect from corporation; requires mobile home park owners receiving bona fide offer for purchase to notify officers of homeowners' association; requires homeowners' association purchasing mobile home park to execute contract for only park that it represents; revises requirements with respect to unsolicited offers; provides homeowners' association with right of first refusal to purchase park in event of unsolicited offer; redefines term "offer" for such purposes; provides limitation on exception relating to transfers by partnerships.
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