H1360 - North Carolina

Amend Habitual Offender Law.  

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  • Guest said

    Whats the problem? They don't have enough VIOLENT people to put in prision?? And they are letting locking up drug addicts but letting drug dealers out early... they are part of the problem!!
  • Guest said

    what can be done to help inmates currently facing these excessive sentences under the habitual felon law. Most of the newer laws do not go into effect until 12/1/11
  • Guest said

    what can be done to get these excessive sentences changed for inmates that are already in the system? Most of the newer laws go in effect December 1, 2011
  • Nik said

    Write Representative Phi Harris he is the one that sponsored the HB1360 when it originally came out
  • kimberly said

    Linda that is crazy. my husband got until 2018 for TRYing to steal from walmart to support his family because of his past he couldnt get a job. I know what our inmates have done is wrong but all this time is crazy who do we write to or who do we call to try to help and get this law passed for our people that are serving there time now? I feel like i am losing my mind And to top it all off his lawyer is a big joke. did nothing to help himm at all!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Linda said

    My husband was sentenced to 7 to 9 years for having a bag of residue of cocaine. He was also incompetent to stand trial because of a brain injury from a car accident. He was under 24 hour care and they still sent him to prison because he had a record 15 years ago. No justice at all in this country.
  • Joe Joe said

    Folks that would like to see this law changed need to be the voice for your loved ones. Call often your senators and congressmen and tell them to support a bill to amend the habitual felon law for non violent offenders.
  • tammy said

    the govenor need's to sign off on the law that was brought before congress on reducing class h and i felonies so these guys will have to pull less time it's crazy to pull seven years for stealing something that only cost 700.00 that's like one year per one hundred dollars
  • Ms. Godwin said

    I dont see this law as helping any of the non-violent inmates helping, keeping them caged up like animals is not the anwser. Free the non molesting rapists.
  • becky said

    Habitual felon law should be amended for non-violent offenders. Help them get jobs so they can support their families.
  • lala said

    Talkn about laws....what about double jeopardy? That's what the habitual law is. Causing a person to do more time for something they have already served for. In this crazy world......
  • key said

    The justice system is screwd up. How do you get more time for drugs than u do for murder, child molestation, and more violent crimes. Putn people in jail for extended periods of time doesnt stop the drug trade. It still continues. Focus on findn the source. The original source.
  • Joe said

    i have been the victim of a habitual offender... i think this is a just law as a person with the stealing or drug habit usually doesn't get caught for half the stuff they do and they get very aggressive and intimidating. They need to be away from public to protect us in the public population.
  • Primo said

    Does anyone know what happened on May 12Th about the House Bill 1360?Please give me an update.
  • J.T. said

    My neice is an injust sentence of 10 yrs because the judge trapped her along w/her lawyer to take a plea for drugs that wasn't even hers. She has trial even the jury did not find her gulity. The judge would not accept their decision !! How injust is that !!!
  • JUSTICE said

    im reading from a letterthat after working extremely hard on getting this bill passed during the long session ,that toward the end there was still a lot of work needed to be done and the support needed to pass this bill,just wasnt there.the bill has been pulledfrom the committee it might remain alive and could be presented during the short session which begins may 12,2010.hopefully this will give some time for those who oppose the bill and have concerns to feel more comfortable with it.PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO INTERESTED PARTIES!!!!!REMEMBER MAY 12,2010.
  • primo said

    My husband is doing a ridiculous 23 yr sentence for two indictments of simple possession of cocaine.The DA trapped him and gave him a habitual because he was 20 minutes late for court.How ridiculous.The attorney was not even there yet.
  • primo said

    Jeanette, I believe the short session will be somewhere in May.
  • netaya said

    my dad is in prison for 8 years for stealing a motor ccle for no reason and retrning it the very nxt day db right
  • 2 Step said

    I think they should cut inmates times for nonviolent offenders. My fiance is in prison for 2years for stealing a radio out of target. He made a stupid choice but come on. Just throw him in prison with the rapists, murders, child molesters. WOW!!
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