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  • C Walker said

    Is their any ed code for locker-room safety? If so could some one please respone to this e-mail. Where I work at the board is plaining to layoff all p.e. attendants, so they can save 90,000 dollars a year and leaving the locker-room unattend they are not thinking about student safety.
  • jamie said

    With the shake-up in the State Assembly - now is the time to write your legislators - again. Tell them AB 351 needs to be resurrected. Let’s stand up and be heard. Our kids need us to be their voices. Band, JROTC, Drill, Dance & Cheer need our support. These programs are more than just an activity; they are teaching our kids the rewards of hard work, focus and determination. Many of your comments ring true and I can only speak for Cheer…our cheerleaders exceed the guidelines of physical activity put forth in the Education Code. Cheerleading is no longer defined as standing on the sidelines and leading a cheer, it has evolved into complicated stunts and routines that involve strength, stamina, tumbling and flexibility. These kids are athletes and should be given the same consideration as all the other athletes involved with interscholastic sports receive.
  • Peggy said

    My son just finished his second year in Marching Band. Many people at our high school campus say that the Marching Band kids work out harder than any other group on campus, including the (highly rated) varsity football team! My son is in great shape and through Band has learned leadership and time management skills as well. Also, it is quite a feat to be able to march (in time with a large group) for miles, blowing an instrument and not be out of breath! As others have mentioned, regular PE classes don't cover the health and nutrition aspects --- that's done in Health class. AB351 must go forward!
  • anonymous said

    Allow a vote on this bill. It is undemocratic to hold it up due to campaign contributions. Yes, Band, ROTC, etc. require many hours outside the day ("extracurricular") as do team sports. Yet an exemption exists for team sports so they can expand the hours and not eliminate students with busy academic schedules. ROTC and Band exercise as much as, if not more than, some sports. Sports also do not address all the standards. I know this from personal experience. It is the combination of a moneyed special interest (sports) and a bias against the arts and, to an extent, the military. Shame on you. It will come back to haunt you in future elections.
  • Steve Again said

    I keep hearing about how Activity is not Education. Here is your education.. My marching band son is enrolled in PE over the summer since in the fall he won't get PE credit or exemption for band. The first day the 2 PE certified instructors said they would doing nature walks 3 times a week... wait for it... TO DEL TACO OR YUM YUM DONUTS! They explained to the kids that if anyone asked they were studying fitness and nutrition. Thanks for asking my son to lie to me. They even mentioned how much the donuts cost. Amazing. My son wanted to take a picture outside YumYum and one in band and ask "Which photo is getting us PE credit?"

    Music Lover: I know what the PE standards say. That's why the exemption. No one is trying to rewrite the code. This exemption has always existed. As to fighting for $$. Yeah, from where in this budget environment. PE class does not even teach that code as referenced above.

    To the person that referenced 351 being dead: The bill made it out of committee with no issues. It was forced back to committee by 2 assembly members. That almost never happens unless there was a procedural issue, which there was not. Now the committee chair Brownley is refusing to put it to vote even though there is more then enough votes to get it out to the floor and pass on the floor. So, these 2 people have chosen to bypass the democratic process. If the votes are there then who are they to stop it. Their power allows it but it was not meant to prevent valid voting. She has a responsibility to honor the process. In this case she is a minority trying stop the wish of the majority. Let it be voted pass or fail... that is fair. Lifelong health? Oh yeah, donuts for life.
  • Cindy said

    Steve, our district requires 3 years of PE for graduation, so while with a 2 year requirement a student could take PE for the second semester for 4 years, students in our district are out of luck. Again, the nutrution & diet information is covered in Health, and my son who is in marching band is getting far more exercise than my son who is in a PE class - which never even touches on the curriculum the opposition is touting. I also feel that if the groups covered in this bill do not get to count as PE, neither should Football, Basketball, Swimming, Track, Badminton, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball and the list goes on. Students flock to the sports to avoid PE because they know it is a joke! Furthermore are the sports teams following the standards-based curriculum and covering all that the opponents are harping on not being covered in marching band, ROTC, Colorguard etc?
  • for AB351 said

    It's funny to read about "physical activity" not being "physical Education" but Football, baseball and basketball team sports are all exempt from PE. Why is this? do you really think they are taking time to teach these sports teams all the PE standards? NO! they are preparing to win games. The other reason is these are money generating programs for the schools.
    Keep in mind that we are talking about maybe 100-150 students max out of a 4 year high school that probably contains 1000- 4000 kids. I really don't think this 10% of kids are the reason for "obesity" in the children of today.
    With the state's lack of education funding, I think we should keep as many programs as possible that keep kids in school and make them a well rounded person.
  • anonymous said

    It appears that AB 351 is justifiably dead, sent back to Committee from the Assembly Floor. Band participation and military youth programs are no substitute for standards-based education curriculum leading to lifelong health and wellness.
  • Music lover said

    Why do marching band members need PE credit? Why aren't they fighting to get BAND / Visual & Performing Arts credit? If you read the bill, how can any of these programs meet the PE standards that states "shall support a course of study that includes at least seven of the eight physical education content areas: effects of physical activity upon dynamic health; mechanics of body movement; aquatics; gymnastics and tumbling; individual and dual sports; rhythms and dance; team sports, and combatives? There is no way to include these content areas into any of the groups' programs. Why not just fight for the $$ that you deserve to keep these programs going and get out of the business of trying to rewrite Educ. Code!!
  • Lynne said

    Marching bands are suffering. Our band dropped 20% last year and had few freshmen because without it counting as PE, there is no room in their schedules unless they take a 0 period class. I wish a PE educator would tell me what coaches teach to the California State content standard. All they want to do is win.
  • anonymous said

    Quality Physical Education provides students with the skills and knowledge to be physically active and healthy for LIFE. Marching band, ROTC, and these other activities that are proposed for exemptions to Physical Education may provide some physical activity for now, but they do not teach the variety of movement skills and essential cognitive concepts that a quality Physical Education program provides.
    Advocate to improve the quality of Physical Education for all students, not for exemptions with activities that are not appropriate substitutes.
    If these activities proposed for exemptions are THAT valuable, students will select to participate in them, whether they get Physical Education credit or not.
    Music and military strategies should not qualify for an exemption to quality Physical Education and the lifelong health benefits it will provide.
  • Augustine said

    No disrespect to Marching band or JROTC, but the public is misinformed as to the correct definition of both physical education and physical activity. To say that they are one and the same is incorrect and a disservice to the educators that have studied kinesiology and it’s applications to their students.
    Physical Education integrates information gained through experiencing physical activity, through academic application and use of multi-dimensional modalities in relation to biomechanics, motor skill development, physiology of exercise, and social-humanistic awareness through multiculturalism.
    SB 601 and 602 ensures the quality of instruction by highly qualified credentialed teachers, the appropriate accountability by such teachers and the satisfactory progress towards the state mandated California "Fitness Gram” as prescribed by Education Code 60800. The definition of physical education is clear, it is academic in nature and physical activity is one component of physical education. Physical Activity does not encompass the entire physical education curriculum. Marching band’s curriculum does not align with California State content standard’s for physical education and JROTC’s curriculum is not recognized by the California Department of Education.
    Marching band and JROTC are elective courses of study. They are not mandated requirements for graduation, as is, physical education. School districts have the ability to fund or cut these programs at their discretion. Opponents of SB601 and 602 are misguiding the public that without receiving physical education credit these programs will suffer. This is simply not true.
  • Dawn said

    I support this bill! As the parent of a marching band student, this is a very physically demanding program. These kids work very hard and they deserve for their efforts to be counted as 'physical' education. If you don't think so why don't you go spend a day with them during band camp when it's over 100 degrees outside and they are marching their drills for hours on end in the heat and the amazing thing about it is you never once hear these kids complain.
  • anonymous said

    Does Laurie understand that talking about obesity, et al is not done now in PE classes. Are footaball coaches et all going to spend precious practice time talking about diabetes? I think not.
  • Laurie said

    We are not talking about exercise. We are not talking physical activity. We are talking about State Standards. We are talking about Health.
    We are talking about prevention of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes. We are talking about EDUCATION.
    When taught by a credentialed, physical educator, who is following the State Standards, there is no substitute for physical education.
    Most people do not fully understand the implications of their comments. Just as sports are played after school, marching band and cheer, and ROTC should be done as electives, outside the required core subjects (including physical education).
  • Luis said

    In addition to all the exercise my daughter gets marching for miles, beating on a bass drum, she has also learned: self-discipline, leadership, how to work as a member of a team to produce a quality product, how to leave personal issues off the field so they don't interfere with teamwork.

    Further more, I believe it is critical to keep authority local and to let the individual school boards decide how best to educate and prepare our young people for college and adult life.
  • Lynne said

    Marching Band and ROTC are more physically demanding than high school Golf and Golf counts as PE.
  • Read third time, amended, and returned to third reading.
  • Read third time, amended, and returned to third reading. Re-referred to Com. on ED. pursuant to Assembly Rule 77.2.
  • Read third time, amended, and returned to third reading. (Ayes 45. Noes 23. Page 1975.). Re-referred to Com. on ED. pursuant to Assembly Rule 77.2.
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